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  • Hi, a new kid on the block

    I am just learning about digital scrapbooking and I'm enjoying it lots.
    I have an old photo album that my mom had put together for me of all the old family photos. The only problem is that she used those old magnetic photo albums and now I find the pictures are getting ruined from the glue and most of them can't even be removed with out getting ripped. So it is most important for me to save those precious pictures.
    Looking forward to learning and getting to know many of you.

    Bunches of blessings to you all,
    Sheila Trimble

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    Hi Sheila. If they're important photos you might want to try taking a high quality digital photo of each photo before attempting removal, just in case they get damaged you'll still have a copy...
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      Hi Sheila! So glad to have you join us! Corey makes a great suggestion! And I promise you can make beautiful albums with the digital versions of the original photos with SBM!! There's an "Old Fashioned" album template in the full version of SBM for inspiration if you like. Of course, you can always take those old photos and do something very new with them.

      Have fun - and stop by anytime if you have questions!



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        Old photoos

        Another possibility is to scan each picture before you try to remove it.



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          Hi Sheila

          I am also a new kid on the block, I had a few photo albums like that, and I used a hair dryer, it softens the glue and they are easier to remove if that is what you would like to do.
          Gook luck, let me know how it turns out.


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            Another option for removing from the magnetic albums is using the cheap old style dental floss (the stuff that is like softer fishing line not the new flatten flavoured stuff). Then with patience you start in a corner and see saw it back and forward lifting it off on a diagonal - it is a slow painful process but I had been damaging a lot of them before and for me this method meant I got them off in better condition. Hope it works for you.