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  • Come meet the new person

    hello...I am new to the program...tried the trial yesterday and just had to purchase it today...downloading it now

    I am new to digital scrapbooking but i've done the traditional kind for a few years. Here is some info about me.

    My name is Gina and I'm 32. Im a single mom to 10 year old Jenna. I do not work due to medical problems.

    I have a small family. My family cosists of myself, Jenna, my parents, sister and her boyfriend. Jenna and I live next door to the rest of my family.

    I love to chat and make new friends. My other hobbies besides scrapbooking are: reading, pen pals, and couponing.

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    Welcome Gina,

    You've definitely come ot the right place... It's a lot of fun here and everyone is very helpful...

    Be warned , we're all a little scrap-happy here... But don't mind us, we're all a little nuts (look at my avatar, I'm holding an acorn!)

    Any questions, just ask!

    Steve Russell
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    My buddies are Granny, Moonbeam and Wolvsie35!


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      Hi Gina! Sounds like you're going to love SBM as much as the rest of us. Hanging out and chatting here in the forums is like gaining a thousand new pen pals - without the postage (LOL)!

      Stop by anytime with questions or just to chat!



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        Welcome Gina. We're so glad you could join us. You're just going to love Scrapbook Max and you'll especially love our group here.


        Granny, MaggieMae and Moonbeam are my buddies!!!


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          Hi Jennasmomma,
          You can always tell a proud mom by user names like yours!
          Welcome! Hope to see some layouts soon!


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            Come meet the new person

            Hello & welcome Jennasmomma. You will like it here. Like you I don't work since 2 years due to medic problems. SBM is a super duper good hobby. The people here are extremely nice and they always find a solution if we have a scrapbooking problem.


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              Helloooooo! Welcome to the forum.
              Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .


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                I'm bumping myself up. lol. I started digital then stopped for a few years. Now that my body is not letting me get to my desk very often I'm looking at digital again. Plus I can do hybid scrapbooking this way as well.

                I was busy downloading all the amazing free stuff offered in the embellishment section. Wow this place is full of talented people.

                I'm 35 now and Jenna is 13 now. Man times goes by quickly.


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                  Originally posted by srussell View Post
                  we're all a little nuts (look at my avatar, I'm holding an acorn!)

                  Steve Russell
                  My eyes have finally failed. I could swear that "acorn" looks like a gee-tar!

                  Welcome Gina,

                  We're not all nuts, but that's just because some of us haven't practiced at it as long as some of the others...

                  Edit: Man, I got to learn to read the whole thread. I didn't realize that post by srussell was 2 years old.
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                    well, welcome back Gina...hope you will be able to stick around a little more this time....hope you have been enjoying scrapbook max and look forward to seeing some of your layouts

                    My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle


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                      Thanks. yes I plan to stick around more this time. haha. I've been busy organizing all the digital elements I have so I can move them to my external hard drive. Man I've had them all over the place. *sigh* Good thing I love being on the computer. haha


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                        Welcome aboard! Glad you're here. I can't wait to see some of your work.

                        My buddies are Granny, Wolvsie35, angelwithin, twpclerk, moonlightpearl, Vanessa, Wickel, Smile, Eye and Pink Lollipop


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                          I was wondering where you were.Glad to see you home again with us xo
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