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    I'm pretty new to scrapbooking, and had never considered digital scrapbooking until I met one of the programmers of Scrapbook Max on a flight home to Winnipeg.

    I've tried creating a couple of pages with the trial version, and am still in the learning stages, but it seems pretty easy to use and quite intuitive. How do you feel about it, and how much is different with the full version?

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    Fellow Winnipeg-er

    Hi there fellow Winnipeger!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing many hockey, curling, flat-plained, and grain elevator pages from you!


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      Don't forget the elevator music...

      Hello, tnorget, welcome to the group. I hear Winnipeg is a nice place. Almost went there once. Wish I had. Well, we're burning daylight. Get to work, we want to see your stuff!!!


      Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

      Please visit my Max Store


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        Hi there! Glad to see another Winnipegger on board!

        To answer your question - The trial version gives you a good taste of what you can do with SBM, but the full version comes with MUCH more content (templates, embellishments, backgrounds, fancy words, papers, etc.). As for ease of use, I find that after getting familiar with the features of the design space, designing layouts becomes very quick and simple.

        Everyone here is more than willing to help out with questions, and there are LOTS of step-by-step tutorials for different issues (like publishing, sharing templates, posting work in the gallery, that sort of thing)in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

        Hope that helps, and hope to hear from you again!



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          Hi tnorget,

          I'm glad to hear that you like Scrapbook Max and that you actually remembered to checkout our website!

          It was really nice talking to you on the plane ride. I hope you enjoy Scrapbook Max and the fantastic community here on the forums!

          Good luck with everything!