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    Hi, My name is Christi Ward. I love doing image editing and have created stationary for incredimail (I also do some website design). I looked a couple of years ago for digital scrapbooking software but didn't find much. This time around I found quite a bit and I have tried several of them but Scrapbook Max! is by far the best and priced well too. I have spent the weekend playing with it and just love it. Already created several templates of my own and have also downloaded a ton of others by other people. It is amazing how talented the people here are. I hope to eventually be able to share like some of the ohters do on here.

    This is a great program with most ever feature I was looking for in a digital scrapbooking program and a few that I had not thought of.

    Oh I am married, age 30 years old. We have our third child on the way. We are getting a girl this time! Yay! We have two boys. This will be our last one. Three is a good round number. LOL I am due about July 10th. They keep changing my due date to sooner so that is always good. We also have horses and they are my passion.

    Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say hi. And let y'all know I am having a blast doing this!

    Hugs to all!
    Christi Ward & family

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    Hi Christi! Glad you found us and joined us! Everyone here is friendly and - as you may have noticed - a bit addicted to SBM with all of its goodies.

    SOunds like we'll be seeing some adorable baby LOs in the near future... And I'll bet you have a ton of photos of the two "big brothers"! All the best as you prepare for the new joy in your family. Stop by anytime!



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      Hello Christi

      Welcome to the group! You will love it here. WHere in Texas are you? I'm in El Paso!

      My Buddies are Maggie Mae, Knzus,Gotart, Patty, Mom7911, Winnie49, JAMIEPT, TWPClerk, and Poppabob



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        Welcome Christi!

        Welcome, welcome, welcome, to you and your growing family!
        Sounds like you have lots of design talent to share, so please do!
        And don't forget to keep us posted about baby news. You could even send us all an "announcement card" after she's born!
        Cheers for now,


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          A great big "HOWDY" from a fellow "TEXAN"!!


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            Wow everyone is sooooo nice! I love it here already though this is my first of spending any time in a forum. I use yahoo groups a lot but I kinda like this. Just a different feel.

            I am from North East Texas... about 65 miles north east of the DFW area. I have been looking online to see if I can find the program just a touch cheaper... always the bargain shopper. Seems it is just one price anywhere. So I am fixing to go ahead and buy it in the next few days.

            Oh yes, I love to share so I will be very happy to share some stuff as soon as I can. I will probably put some stuff on my website, I see lots of people have websites with things to download. I love the idea of that!

            Thank you all for your warm Welcomes and Howdy to the other two fellow Texans here.

            Oh and I was also looking for some construction type stuff. I had posted what I needed but didn't get any replies. Thought I might try again. We built a ramp (wheel chair ramp) at our house for my husband's mom and I wanted to do some pages but I don't have any hammers or nails or saws or hard hats or anything that would go with that (it was a wood ramp). Anyone got anything or could point me in the right direction?

            Christi Ward


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              The full version has them!

              Hi Christi,
              I just took a quick look in the full version of Scrapbook MAX, and there is:
              nuts and bolts, pliers, drill bits, nail, socket, pencil, multi-tool, tape measure, hammer, wrenches, hiking boots (could pass for work boots), screws, and screwdrivers.......
              I'm not sure how I could "send" them to you. But I have a feeling you'll be getting the full version soon anyhow!
              Cheers for now!


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                Hi Christi,

                welcome and don't be afraid to ask questions... There is plenty of talent here to draw from...
                Visit my aisle in the SBM store!
                My buddies are Granny, Moonbeam and Wolvsie35!


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                  Oh wonderful! No need to send them to me cause I will for sure be getting the full version. I am getting the cd version so I can get the goodies.

                  Thanks y'all sooo much!!!
                  Christi Ward


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                    My cd is on its way!!!!!!! Woo hoooooooooooooooooo!
                    Carmen Rae


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                      Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .