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  • Newbie Here!

    I am totally new to this scrapbooking thing. My friend does this kind of stuff and it always looks interesting to me. Any help/pointers you have for me would be great. BTW I am 25 years old, married for 4 years and have a daughter. We live in Kentucky. I look forward to meeting all of you.

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    Welcome Mama

    I have to warn you.................. it is addictive! You will love it here. THis is by far the best program on the market! Then you have all these warm and wonderful people in the forum. They will help you every step of the way and you will learn all sorts of things.

    Glad to have you...........

    My Buddies are Maggie Mae, Knzus,Gotart, Patty, Mom7911, Winnie49, JAMIEPT, TWPClerk, and Poppabob



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      Hi there, are welcome!

      If you're looking for tips, this is the place! If you want technical tips, a great place to look would be the frequently asked questions section (great step-by-step tutorials on how to use different aspects of Scrapbook MAX). Also, the User's Guide (in the Help menu in the toolbar) takes you through making a scrapbook step by step.

      If you're looking for creative inspirations, I would recommend havin a look at the layouts posted in the gallery - there is a ton of beautiful, inspiring work. The template sharing section is another place to get inspired and download free templates to use.

      Other than that, keep hanging around the forums and follow some of the discussions - people are always asking interesting and intelligent questions, and these are followed by interesting and intelligent answers -very helpful.

      I think you'll find that overall, once you've played around with it, SBM is very intuitive and easy to use.

      Stop by anytime at all with questions and comments!

      Happy Scrapping!

      P.S. I have some friends who used to live in that anywhere near you?


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        Welcome from another Newbie!

        I'm sure you will love scrapbooking and this program! I have been paper scrapbooking for years and am just starting digital scrapbooking. If you are new to scrapbooking, you'll save yourself tons of money by not having to buy all the paper scrapbooking products! I could open a store at this point! It's so much fun to create on the computer - you can fix your mistakes!

        Know you'll enjoy this!