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  • Hello from France...

    Un grand bonjour à tout le monde !!

    Je suis française et j'habite en Normandie.

    J'essayerai de vous parler en anglais.....mais je pense que je vais faire certainement des fautes...alors toutes mes excuses à l'avance

    So....I try to write in english but it's not easy for me excuse me for all my mistakes

    A first question : I'm certainly stupid but, how do you make or find new embellishments ? You creat them ? You find it on scrap sites ? This point is a big mystery for me........
    I love particulary embellishment with....."dentelle" (needle-lace?)

    If someone can help me

    Thank you

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    Bonjour and welcome, Gaelle.

    You can both create your own embellishments (using Photoshop for example) or you can surf the web for them. In this community, you want to go to the Embellishments area so you can download embellishments that other users have created. I found this lace in this community by doing a search for lace:

    Hope this helps!


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      Bienvenue, Gaelle, lovely to have you here. We will be happy to help where we can. Many people here speak French, so no problem.


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        Bienvenue Gaelle!

        Bonjour et bienvenue Gaelle!
        J'espère que vous ne vous sentirez pas nerveuse d'écrire en anglais. Votre anglais est très bon! Et certains d'entre nous comprennent le français (même si nous ne parlons pas et n'écrivons pas très bien). Ainsi je suis sûr que nous vous comprendrons… dans l'une ou l'autre langue.


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          Hello Marnie
          I am English and live in Mayenne (53640 Le Horps) My French is worse than your English thats for sure. If you like to email me I will send my digital scrapbook for you to see. [email protected]


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            Sorry Marnie, I hope you realised that the reply I sent was meant for Gaulle but Hello anyway. New to scrapbooking, I have started making one for each of my five adult children and am getting carried away. I have a lovely workshop in a converted stable block so I don't have to clear anything away off the kitchen table to prepare a meal. Have lived in France for 4 years now and love it. Scrapbooking material is beginning to creep into the shops at last, up to now I have had all mine sent from the U.S. (Hot of the Press)
            Now - lets see if I can get this posted properly
            Bye for now


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              Bon jour

              I am English and living just a little further south in Mayenne. A small village called Le Horps just a few miles from Lassay les Chateau. I speak very little French though I can now make myself understood in shops etc and I am not as nervous of trying out the language any more. My partner has converted a lovely old stable block into a workshop for me. Its wonderful to have somewhere to relax and do my scrapbooking (and many other crafts) without having to clear everything away all the time. I hope to be working with children soon.
              Au Revoir for now