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Checking in from Southern Arizona

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  • Checking in from Southern Arizona

    Hi all
    I'm working on the free trial right now and really loving it!

    I'm a paper scrapper, and I suspect that will remain my true love, but I was looking for something quick and easy (that's a relative term) to scrap DS's Boy Scout Troop activites to share at awards ceremonies, and also down the road for DD's activites when she get's bigger.

    Love how easy everything is to do,I've created 13 layouts so far in less than say 2 hours, some are with tempales, some are plain, but that's still better than the looking at plain old pictures on a slide show!

    I've seen some truely awesome work displayed so far, rivales anything I've seen on paper, and I'm amazed at the talent and willingness to share I've seen!


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    Southern Arizona

    Hi Vicky,

    Welcome! You are going to love it here! Read through some of the old post and you will see who you are dealing with! It is like having a huge extended family all over the world.
    I just got back from Arizona, we traveled from Phoenix up to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Loved it. Beautiful there!



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      Hi Vickie - I'm glad you joined us. A lot of paper scrappers have commented that while Scrapbook MAX won't replace their cherished "paper work", the digi method with SBM is a great complement to it AND a time saver.

      Have fun - and come back soon!