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    Hi My name is Chantima and I am new to scrapbook max. I need help of how to add the picture to the scrapbook page and me it fit in a circle or square shape?

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    Hi there and welcome!

    To add a picture to your page, either choose Object > Photo in the menu, or click on the Photo icon in the toolbar (I've attached a picture of this icon below). A box will show up automatically opening to the place where your pictures are stored (i.e. My Pictures; if your pictures are somewhere else on your computer, you can browse for them on your computer from this box)

    Choose your picture. Another box will appear containing your image and a few other options. This is where you can add a shape to your picture, such as a circle. To do this, check the box beside the words "Custom Shape" and then click on the "Change Shape" bar below. You will be presented with a selection of shapes to choose from (hint - if you want a simple circle you'll find it by clicking on the "Objects" shape category). Click on the shape you want and choose "Ok". Then choose "Ok" in the box where your image is. Your image will be added to your page in the shape you have chosen!

    For more information, you may want to read ther User's Guide included directly in the program. To view it, choose Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide in the menu. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to post them in the Discussion section of the forums.

    Good luck and happy scrapping!

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      Hi Chantima,

      Welcome from another sort of newbie. I've been using the program since late in May and I love it! Hope you have lots of fun playing with it and then creating some great layouts!


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        New, too!

        Greetings from Southern California. I just discovered Scrapbook Max and I love it. I have four grown married children in literally all four corners of this country so card making and scrapbooking is great for us to keep in touch. I really love the features of the Trial Version I have and will purchase the real deal shortly.

        Thanks for the warm welcome, the wonderful website, and the sharing community.



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          You will love it!

          This program is so user-friendly and fun. Each day I can hardly wait until I can turn on the computer and start catching up on scrapbooking and chatting with people from all over! It's so addicting I have to use self-discipline and keep the computer turned off part of the time!