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  • Hello from Japan

    Before I get all excited about this program, took me a week to settled down, I need to know if this is something that I can use and would work in preparing Yearbooks, notebooks and projects for school. We homeschool and we have arrived to High School (only one child) and I want to make it fun, fun, fun along with all the hard work that comes along.... Would this program help me accomplish this with my dd?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You Bet!

    What an amazing idea! I think making your daughter a scrapbook for each year of schooling would be so fun. Scrap a page for all her activities and accomplishments. You could have them printed out into a hard copy from many of the different companies. I know even Walmart can make hard copy books for about $30. My son was home schooled for a year and he missed out on having a year book etc. I wished I had thought of it! You could scrap her report cards! WOW

    Have fun with it! You will need to keep us informed!!!!!

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      I was just discussing this last night, I plan on using Scrapbook Max to make my daughters grade 7 year books. ( I have a year or so to prepare for this...LOL)Once compiled I'll send them to be printed and bound at a local copy store. Since I make my own graphics I can design whats needed slowly over the next year and make them a kick butt annual!
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        Hi Yolanka,

        I have a good friend who is a teacher and is planning to use SBM in her classroom. She's talked about doing a class yearbook as well as having each of the kids use scrapbook max in making their individual portfolios (a good way to combine computer skills, creativity, and compiling the portfolio!) There's so much you can do with Scrapbook MAX, the limit is really your imagination.

        SBM allows you to be very creative from a design point of view, and there are various publishing options for different types of projects. I find myself getting excited thinking what you could do with SBM in a class - for instance, you can take pictures of art projects and make an album of the work with descriptive text and music, or you can have your student place poetry or other written assignments on attractive backgrounds (he/she could even self-publish a book!)

        I guess my point is, I don't think you can go wrong with SBM as a classroom tool or as a way to record a school year's worth of memories ( a slideshow movie yearbook with music would be such a great keepsake!).

        Hope that helps - any other questions, feel free to ask!



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          SBM as Teaching Tool

          Hi Yolanka!
          I was very impressed to hear that you were considering using SBMAX as a teaching tool. Karin has said it very eloquently - there are so many uses for the program in the classroom! We would love to see any work that you create with your daughter!


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            I was just on a web site that is a home school site and they use scrapbooking for everything from unit lessons to book reports. Makes the project a little more fun than a normal white lined sheet of paper. The site is Bible based teaching but they have some wonderful ideas....some free downloadable pages if i remember right.....the name of the site is Heart of Wisdom. Try a google search for it. Hope it is helpful to you.
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              Excited to hear about homeschooling.

              Hi, I have been wanting to homeschool for some time now but haven't done so yet. I have 5 children and 4 are in school. I just bought the ScrapbookMax and even my kids are hooked. I was as schoolteacher and now I am a stay at home mom and I think ScrapbookMax is an essential tool that can used in any classroom setting as it combines so many different aspects of learning. e.g is it that it incoporates journal writing. Good luck with the scrapping.



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                I am in charge of putting together our school's yearbook. Last year after I purchased ScrapbookMax I decided to throw out all the "paper scrapbook" pages I had started and do the entire 25 page book with this program. The kids (high school) were very proud of their yearbook. We only have around 40kids in our school, so it wasn't a huge project, but a nice one. I printed the entire book on a deskjet printer and it was great. We had several administrators say it was the best yearbook ever produced by our school. I am going to go with ScrapbookMax again this year. (It also saved me LOTS of time and money!)