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  • Lise-Lott From Sweden

    Hello to you all, I have just joined ang already made my first to paiges of a book for my grandchild. I am 47 years old and retired districtnurse. An accident in 98 has made my unable to work. My interests is varius. I have concidered makeing scrapbooks for my familj but are more a computorgirl than sisser and paper, So I was thrilled when I found this exelent program. I have five kids and six siblings so it will tank some time but..................
    It was several years ago together with miner problem since the accident that I used english, feel free to ask if I don´t make any sence

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    Welcome (Welkommen ?)

    Welcome! You make perfect sense! This computer scrapbooking is really addictive. I did paper and scissors scrapbooking for 6 years - since I found this program I am getting lots more done - and no more mistakes and tearing up layouts. Just click on "undo"! Yea!

    It's also fun to know that there are people all over the world meeting in one place.


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      Hello Lise and welcome! Your English is very clear, and we're glad to hear that you've chosen Scrapbook MAX ! I think that you will have lots of fun; with your large family, it sounds like you will have plenty of inspiration for some very special scrapbooks!

      Stop by anytime with questions!



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        Hi Lise, glad you have you join the forum.
        Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .