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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm from Winnipeg, and have had a lot of fun playing with Scrapbook MAX! throughout the testing period. It's really neat!

    I'm definitely new to scrapbooking, but I must admit, it's kinda fun!


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    Me too. I'm new to digital scrapping but I like it, reminds me of assemblage. Eduardo Paolozzi has always been a favorite artist of mine and a lot of his early stuff is distinctly scrapbookian by nature. He was one of the pioneers of "legitimate" collage, and many "art experts" consider a collage he did in 1947 to be the first instance of "pop art" in history. Anyhow I like the relationship between digital scrapping and assemblage. When I get some extra time I plan to get posting some significantly more adventurous scrap pages.
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      This is all good if you can figure out HOW it works


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        Originally posted by Nadia
        This is all good if you can figure out HOW it works
        How what works? If you're having any troubles, just ask, and someone will be glad to help.
        Lorne ( )
        Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer