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    My name is Debbie and i am from North Bay, Ontario in Canada. I am an avid photographer and am so thrilled to find a way to express my work now that digital scrapbooking has become more accessible. I did buy loads of scrapbooking supplies but because of time and health restraints, haven't used most of them!
    I am in process of being diagnosed with MS and photography is my saving grace some days.
    I am a mom of three boys, ages 18 1/2, 16 and 10. This summer has seen my 16 go off to work in the city where his father and brother live, just for the summer though. I feel like i'm experiencing a mini-empty nest syndrome period. Of course i still have my 10 yr. old, Daniel, at home.
    As i have said i have been ill, in fact i haven't even been able to use the trial i downloaded but from what i see i LOVE it! And while i am not able to do much with Dan right now, we are going to try and do some scrapbooking together over the next few weeks.
    And i have started a small line of cards using my photography and sometimes a few tweaks from Adobe Photoshop 7. In fact, this weekend i am trying to get prepared to attend a folk festival in Sudbury, Ontario and sell some of the cards, or at least get some feedback from people OTHER than family members.
    I am a former newspaper reporter/photographer, a job i loved and had always wanted to find myself in. I worked for 16 years, through three pregnancies and covered visits from Prince Charles, musical performers (met Johnny Cash), and covered the life stories of some very brave people in and around our own community.
    It's been difficult to leave that life but i have been off work for almost 8 years - and now i have found digital photography and scrapbooking! Really it's more than a hobby some days, it's a way to feel productive when your body says "you aren't going anywhere today!"
    I also love camping, we bought a trailer last year, and sports (now it's watching) and anything else that let's me get out of the house and just enjoy nature. Sounds corny but apparently i've always been that way, according to my grandmother.
    Anyway, i'm glad to have found this program, which not only offers this vast varieity of items, but also support for people like myself who don't always have the time to figure things out on there own.
    thanks for this opportunity,
    debbie shipley

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    Nice to have you in the forums Debbie. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those great photos. I hope it's sunny in North Bay today.
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      Whow will be nice to have you around
      Happy scrapping !


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        Welcome to the Scrapbook Max Community Debbie. I'm pretty new here also, but I can assure you it's a great place to be! You're welcomed with open arms and we look forward to seeing some of your work!


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          Welcome Debbie! We are a welcoming, friendly bunch and look forward to seeing your work. Feel free to ask questions any time!