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    They come to us one by one with little or nothing but the clothes on their backs and the painful memories that have brought them to foster homes - travelers in the System whose futures are uncertain.

    As foster parents & Nurses we help them heal physically by changing their dressings and dabbing their crying eyes; psychologically by providing nurturing homes with positive role models dedicated to improving their quality of life and emotionally by soothing their wounded spirits and building their self-esteem.

    These children are unnamed in the public eye since we cannot tell their stories until they have been adopted. In the meantime they tell us theirs. We discover who they are and who they might become with our loving help and guidance.

    Everyone likes to remember the good things about where they’ve been, no matter how hard the times were. Foster children need these ties more than most children. Pictures, letters, birth records, school & health records, greeting cards made at school and other items can become of huge importance to them. Many items can be kept in scrapbooks that the children can take with them when they leave the foster home.

    We have created our program PAGES FOR ANGELS to help foster children in this county and others to record their own importance.

    Please Help~ I am interested in providing scrap booking pages 12 x 12 to America's forgotten foster children. I am a registered nurse and have care for many medically fragile foster children. Sadly too many of these children have cross the threshold of my home without a single photograph of themselves or their family.

    Recently, California's Department of Children's Services has tried to addressed this issue. One of the new guidelines for a foster parent is; to provide a foster child with a "Life Book". Foster parents can help a child maintain links to his / her family's past by creating life books together. A life book is a scrapbook that contains photos, Children's artwork and memorabilia that records the child's life while in a foster home.

    My foundation Angels in Waiting USA is dedicated to providing ego and character building scrapbook pages to the foster child, I feel it's a fantastic introduction to scrap booking, and may inspire the foster mother, and the foster child to start scrap booking. Furthermore, studies have shown scrap booking can be quite therapeutic for abused children .

    Your pages will be packaged and delivered to the Department of Social/ Children Services intern the child's social worker will bring the premade scrap book pages to the foster home.( the pages will be gender specific).

    As a Foster Mother ~I know vast majority of foster children have little to no self-esteem. Your creative pages can positively enhance a foster child's ego and make an immeasurable impact in a child's life. And what better feeling for a foster child to know somebody cared enough to create a page for them.
    I would like to personally thank all of you for your interests. I am currently updating my website under "scrappers needed" to give the purpose, guidelines and packaging techniques for scrappers that may be interested in providing "Pages for Angels".

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. In fact, please add me to your friends list. Check Out My Web Site @

    Thanks for caring,
    Each of us are angels with only one wing~
    and we can only fly by embracing one another.

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    Dear Fiona

    I have downloaded your fantastic digital program, and interested in utilizing your digital kits, Angels in Waiting is interested in providing complete photo albums for foster children in the foster care system. Sadly, too many children have crossed the threshold my home without a photograph. The ones who have photographs tote them from home to home in a shoe box or something similar. Rarely do I find foster children that have a scrapbook or a photo album assembled. California has recently request all foster mothers to keep a life book /scrapbook for their foster child. AIW is interested in providing a package of several scrapbook pages in accordance to the child's age and gender and scrapbook needs. We can utilize the digital kits to make these pages packages more complete. Furthermore, foster parents and social workers can contact Angels in Waiting to let us know if they need certain type of pages such as holidays, birthdays and baby pages. I loved the first ABC program. Please review my web site i.e., "The tiny ones" you'll be surprised to know how many medically fragile micro-preemies are foster children. I think the first ABC program is fantastic.... the nurses within the neonatal intensive care units can start the child's scrap booking pages, and send them home with the foster mother, and hopefully the legacy of preserving their childhood will continue. Furthermore, we bring awareness and educate nurses and mothers, fathers, grandparents. The need for quality foster homes the plight of America's forgotten foster children.
    Fiona, thank you so much for caring and lending me you're wing.

    we are each of us Angels with only one being, and we can only fly By embracing one another.