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    Ohhh Marion, I got the goosebumps ready this...My heart goes out to you!!! I keep on writing stuff and then erasing it, cause I just dont want to say the wrong thing... I have never lost a pet.... well, when I was little, and I dont remember. But having 2 of them now, I dread that horrid day! Please know that your in my thoughts!

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      Marion, my heart is breaking for you all. It's one of the harderst thing to go through!!! I always swear too that I will not go through it again.

      I wish I could put my arms around you and confort you. I'm with you in spirit if not in person.



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        My heart aches for you Marion. I had to put a cat down after 13 years and it's not easy when they are such a loving and devoted part of the family. I don't even want to think about the day when we will have to put our spaniel down. I'm glad you were able to share. Perhaps we can all share in the grief so that your heart doesn't break. I'm thinking about you all and saying prayers.


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          I also grieve for you and your family. I think animals manage to work their way into our hearts even more than family. Continue to share your sadness with us and maybe we can bear some of it for you.


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            Marion, my thoughts are with you. Loosing a pet is very hard indeed. We love you and hope you comfort at this time
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              Originally posted by Granny View Post
              Marion, my heart is breaking for you all. It's one of the harderst thing to go through!!! I always swear too that I will not go through it again.
              Amen, Granny..... I always swear that I will not go through it again, too..... I lie to myself..... seems that we just need them and the unselfish love they give us..... I have found that scrapping about loving them and having to let them go was a way to help ease my grief, maybe that will help you too, Marion!!! {{hugs}}
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                Marion i am so sorry! this is such a hard thing to go through. but its one of those things around the corner once you have opend the door of your heart to those furry friends.
                i lost my dearest cat a couple of years ago and still miss him.

                wishing you strength and sending you prayers
                take care


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                  Marion my heart is breaking for you! I know how much you love your dog and how faithful he has been to not only you, but the rest of your family including all the grandchildren. I feel soooo bad for you. Please know that we all care very deeply for what happens and you are in our thoughts. Just know that you can at least say your good byes--but that certainly will not make it any easier. Take care my friend.

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                    Marion, my heart bleeds for you...I know how sad it can be... I lost my last dog to cancer as well...I had to let him go when I saw the pain was taking over, and I didn't want to see him suffer anymore...I will pray you get through this...Time heals the heart..((HUGS))
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                      Marion sorry to hear about the results from your dog.Glad you made the decision not to let her suffer to long,since they can't speak,they can't tell us in how much pain they really are.I know this is heart breaking but at least you have 12 years memories to cherish.Prayers are with you to be strong through all of this.
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                        Marion, I just now read this thread. I am So sooooo sorry to hear about your beloved dog! My thoughts and prayers are with you...losing a family member is's unthinkable. I'm here for you!

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                          Don't feel too sad. (Is ok to moan but not too long cos they will be sad too.) They are still watching over you in heaven like our whose beloved pets have pass on. Few months back my 2nd hamster had pass away and it takes me few weeks to get over. God bless you.

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                            Today was the day

                            I have been praying that God would let me know when the time would come. This morning she got up and could not walk at all. Even her front legs would not work. She was all wobly and in pain. We called the vet and had her put down.... I feel stupid sitting here with huge crocodile tears typing away, but I miss her! I am glad she is no longer in pain and got to keep her dignity. Just thought I would let you all know. You have all been so kind, thanks!


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                              Oh Marion,

                              I know you feel so bad! My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
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                                Oh I am so sad for you Marion, I know how you feel. We still miss Star so much. My mom has a new dog now and that helps, but Star will always be special to us just like yours was to you! That will never change.