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    My poor old dog Xena, our Rottweiler has cancer. Doc says it looks like it spread from her bones to the rest of her body. Not much hope and not much time left. She is almost 12.
    He gave her pain meds ($50 per bottle) for the next 2 weeks. and now it just waiting and see how long she has left. I feel very sad right now. I knew the day was coming when we had to say goodbye to her, but I guess it just was not real. I do not want to see her suffer. I watched my dad die of cancer and there is no way I will have any one not even a dog go through this if I have anything to say about it. So now it is just a matter of time and we will have her put away. Everyone will be here for easter and we will all say goodbye and then we will see how she does from there and take it day by day. Sorry guys, I know there is much worse out there and people suffer every day , but I love my dog and today I am hurting and sad and just need to share!

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    Marion I know that all us dog and pet lovers will relate to your feelings.A dog is man's best friend and I can't bear to think of life without ours. Thinking of you both.xxxx
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      Dear Marion i know too how you feel and how at home you feel about your dog, she was with your for bright your life and now she have to rest so you must have to be strong now
      Sometimes we say is just a dog but is our best friend and nobody can change the love we have to our four feets friend so dear all my love for you!
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        Marion, it's a hard decision to make but you are right... no need to suffer. My heart goes out to you.


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          Oh I am so sorry Marion! I do know how it hurts. We were all so attached to my mom's dog Star and when we lost him it was like losing a member of the family. It didn't matter that he was a dog because he was more than that to us. So I truly understand and feel so bad for you. It will be good that the whole family will be there for Easter to see him.


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            We Are Sharing Our Heart Felt Sadness with you! I know how hard it is to have our pets so sick. Gosh these little guys are our family too! I know this is so hard for you! I will feel the same way when our sweet Buster's time come.

            We love you!
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              I feel so sad for you but look at it like this. The dog has lived a long life and it's time would soon be up anyway. This way, the Lord has given you the time to say good-bye to a very good friend of the family. It's hard to think of her not being around but maybe this way would be easier on all of you. You would still have suffered emotionally if you'd just found her somewhere but this way you can prepare yourselves for the loss. I'll be thinking of you.

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                OH! Now! Poor Xena, I know as Marion feels itself, these are our more amables friends, I feel very in knowing of this, nor can think as to make and as it to comfort, and also very hard this pain!

                A fort hug, is not sad ok



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                  Awe Marion my heart goes outto you.You are doing the right thing.Bone cancer is very painful and you are wise not to let her suffer.It is heart breakin for you but that is why God has left us a spot in our brains for good ole memories and a heart so we can love.I wished I could help you Marion.You are so nice and kind and I am proud to say I know you xo.Take care.
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                    Marion: As I read your letter I cried because it brought back the memory of our dog. She was a black lab and almost 18 years old. She was a part of our family and grew up with my son. Although we knew it was time ,I still feel a guilt. I held her head while the doctor did his job. There was no pain and she really just went to sleep. But my husband and I were a mess when we left. I remember bad times in my life when she seemed to know and would put her head on my lap. Or crawl in bed with my son (even though she wasn't allowed on the bed) the comfort and love she gave us will always remain in our hearts. We have another dog now and love her dearly but at the same time Holly is still a lost but not forgotten part of our family. They teach us how to love with out expecting anything in return but a hug..........My prayers will be with you and your family.........xoxoxo.......Lois


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                      Feel your pain Marion... we lost a Black Lab right around Christmas about 3 years ago from cancer. it happened so fast that we didn't really have any time to do anything.

                      You have my deepest sympathies...
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                        Oh, Marion, that's sad. We lost our dog just this past June from cancer. He was 12. I know exactly how you feel. This whole family was sad for days on end when we lost our Buddy. Dogs are part of the family.

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                          Oh Marion, I feel so bad for you.... It's so hard to say Good-bye to our beloved friends.... but, always remember that a gentle passing is the last give of love that we can give them!!! {{hugs}}
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                            I'm so sorry, Marion, so sorry! It hurts so much to lose a pet. As long as she's comfortable you can enjoy being with her. My dad died from cancer, too, and I'm so glad we are allowed to help our pets on the journey. Bless you and your family - will be thinking about you.


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                              Thank you all my friends for all your thoughts and sympathies!
                              You are the best!