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  • I'm back!!!!

    Hi everyone, did we have a blast...Sure missed everyone here as well...It was hard to come back to reality after being away for seven weather was so nice and comfortable. But our plane ride home was delayed 8 hours due to a snow storm...It really sucked walking off the plane to see all that dam snow...UGH!!!
    Steve and I had a blast...and I appreciated their time to come visit me. So nice of them...I enclosed a LO below...
    I met with some Elvis look alikes at our hotel/casino. Love the hotel we were staying at, the dealers dress up like famous people and entertain...There was Shania, Dolly, Garth, Elvis(young and old), Michael Jackson, the Blues Brothers, Kenny and so many more...That in itself was fun to watch...I will post more Lo's from the photos I took as soon as I get caught up here so you all can see...
    It was a great trip all in all...but I'm glad to be home...((HUGS))
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    Glad you are back you have been missed and glad you had a blast and fun, you deserved the brake.
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      great layout, glad you had a chance to meet Steve too. Welcome back.

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        Great to have you back, Wolvsie, and that you had a great time. Nice layout. You two look like you were having entirely too much fun!!!

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          Thanks for the layout! We missed you!

          In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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            Glad you had fun! Great layout and pictures of you two!


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              ok who left the door open and let her back in lol

              it's great to see you back michelle xxxx

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                I'm so happy Michelle you are back home! and much more that you and your family had a great time in Vegas and also very happy you met steve and her wife!!!!! thats great!!!!!!
                Cant wait to see more of your vegas pages!
                Great lo!
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                  Welcome Back

                  Hello look great and I can see that you did have a good time. It is so wonderful that you and Steve got to meet. Ok tell us the truth.........Is his wife real..????? I sure hope you took pictures of her so we will know who to feel sorry for............Missed you kid........xoxo......Lois
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                    LOL...I am assuming that she was his thing is, as soon as I tried to take a picture of her, something was brought up to change the subject or water was spilt to make a commotion...Didn't think it was suspicious until
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                      Welcome A Board, My Friend , !! Hehehe

                      OMG, nor I can believe what eye! that happiness Michelle, you luck girl, that I privilege to know somebody as Steve, one adorable boy, I am happy for you, heheehehehehehe
                      This and the maximum, we need in them to find one day all together ones, that it finds? Vai to be a true party of OSCAR, heheheheehe

                      Kisses ( hummmmmmmmmmm the Steve this one cat now))


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                        Welocme back my friend.I am so glad you had fun xo.
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                          Welcome back Girl! So glad you had a great time. You deserved the break! Hope you're feeling better.

                          It was quiet around here though! (Not really angel kept things going with her challenges, etc.) Great page. Can't wait to see more!


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                            Funny thing about those pics is

                            1. My wife is real, Shelley was actually there as she took the pictures.

                            2. Michelle and I both look like we had too much to drink, but if you take a good look at the glasses, thre are FULL! It's more like Michelle was up since 1 AM the previous day and I got up at some unGodly hour to drive to Vegas. Those pics were taken around 5:30 in the late afternoon.

                            3. Shelley was the one that spilt the water...

                            4. and yes, we lost our butts playing Let It Ride...
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                              TOOO funny you guys!! So glad that you were able to meet up and sooo happy you both made it back safe and sound!! Can't wait to see more LO's!!

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