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  • I did it! I did it! I did it!

    Oh, I'm back...I think. I tried forever to post but my little sister has dial up and nothing would load! Still putting my house back together...everything is in boxes! Ever have to live out of a box? NOT fun...but then neither is the smell of smoke and bleach! But we are home..I mention WHY I was gone...part of my house caught on fire a few weeks ago, gutted the dining room but it's all good, got my new wiring but no walls had the 'privilege' of staying with my baby sister and her kids for a few weeks. Emmy is doing ok, she still isn't gaining weight but I'm not going to complain, she's healthy otherwise and I am thankful..can you believe she is going to be a year old next month??? Where did the time go? I have to go find Cyrstals box so Mark can take it to town in the morning..I REALLY need a personal memory completely SUX lately. Does anyone want to come help me repaint my ceilings and walls????????

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    OMG to your house catching on fire and OMG to Emmy being almost a year ..... A year? bloomin heck.

    I hope you and your family are ok .... what a nightmare. Will be thinking of you.
    Sue xx

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    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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      Wow Wiz, that's scary stuff. however you're all ok that's the best news. Em one, that's unbelievable. Take care x
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        Oh glad you are all ok...what a scary thing to happen..hope your repairs are all done and things will soon be back to is hard to believe that our baby girl will soon be a year old...I havent seen any pictures of her lately..know she has really grown...she will start eating right again soon..I guess everyone goes thru those stages where they dont have an appetite and have to make themselves eat..I did a few weeks have my love and prayers..
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          I will be guttered if that happens to me, you are strong good luck with the painting and all.
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            You sure did not need this to happen and ThankGod no one washurt.Wished I was close as I am a good painter and a neat one.Emily is almost a year wow where did the time go. Need some new pictures of her so we can see how she has grown.
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              Oh wow, that is awful Liz! I am so glad no one was hurt. You may have to paint everything and if you have carpet, shampoo the carpet in order to get the smoke smell out. What a job! I don't envy you.

              Glad to hear Emmy is doing ok other than her weight. Hopefully she will start picking up soon.


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                Oh my gosh!!! You mean we could have lost you all? What a relief that everyone is OK!! I'm sorry no one has volunteered to help you paint. Ask Granny if she can round up some of her apes. I'm sure THAT would make a colorful room! Wish I lived closer and could help you. Again, SOOOO glad you are all OK.

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                  great to see you back

                  wow emmy is nearly 1 ...doesnt time fly

                  i'd come paint but it's gonna take me a few years to get there...can ya wait that long???? lol

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                    Happy to hear that all of you are Ok, that must have been really scary. However, it doesn't matter what items we lose as long as the people we love are safe. Can't believe Emmy is almost a year and sure am happy to hear she is healthy. All kids seem to go through the not eating stages. Wish I could.

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                      Well I will tell you what Fiona...I have been waiting 3 years for my new kitchen...a few more for a new paint job...piece of cake lol.

                      A bunch of the guys from Marks company came in and cleaned everything while we were at my sisters with some stuff they got from one of their local fire companies...I just had them rip up all the carpet and throw it all away..didn't want to take the chance the girls getting sick or something.
                      The kids and I were home when it happened thank God or we would have lost everything. I'm thankful cuz that that don't kill you only makes ya stronger
                      One good thing...My house has never been so clean! and I didn't even have to dust hehehe

                      My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
                      Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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                        I had a place go up in flames once! I was away for a couple of days at the time, so was left with only what I stood up in! Friends were so kind and they donated clothes and other stuff, but the thing I regret losing most were my photo albums. I got a few copies from friends but most just couldn't be replaced. However, no-one was hurt which was the most important thing. Glad you are getting back on track now.
                        Take care
                        Evee ~~~

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                          Hi Wiz... We sure missed you. I was worries about you and the little ones. Well, your hubby too! LOL. Glad you're ok, and you're place is getting fixed.

                          Wish I could help you paint, but since I can't go there, I can do the next best thing. My father in law was a professional painters for decades, and one of the best I've ever known. He taught me a lot. I used to paint for our apartment complex, 126 units, so I think I can give you one or two tips...

                          1) Don't use paint trays. They are clumsy and unsteady. Use a small paint bucket. You can move it around easily and won't tilt over and spill.

                          2) Use small rollers, the 6", fluffy ones. They are very light so your arms don't get as tired. They also use a lot less paint. They get into spaces the big rollers won't go into, and they will fit in the paint bucker mentioned above. Once you get use to painting with small rollers, you will never go back to big ones. Trust me.

                          3) Get a small paint grid to put in the paint bucket.

                          4) Use an extension pole with the roller. It's easier than getting up and down a ladder, and will make your work easier and faster.

                          5) Cut in with a brush on the corners and ceiling, but only a small area at a time. If you do the whole room then come back and roll, you will have a visilble line.

                          6) Don't dump the roller into the paint, only the fluffy part. Keep rolling it on the grid next to the paint until it's fully saturated, but not dripping. Don't skimp on the paint. Paint it's the cheapes part of painting, and if you don't skimp, you will get good looking walls.

                          7) Don't press too hard on the roller. If you do, the roller will get compacted, you will have lines, and the crappiest paint job in the world. Wet the roller, apply to the wall with short, light swings.

                          8) Here is the most important step of all.... Have plenty of salsa music and Mojitos on hand before you even start to paint!

                          Ok, have fun. Take two rollers and call me in the morning.


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                            Wiz I am sooooo sorry to hear about your fire. That is such a traumatic thing to go through. I am just so happy that you were home to limit the damage. I am glad that everyone is ok and that you didn't lose your irreplaceable items. Good to hear from you. Happy that Emmy is healthy, and hopefully the weight gain will come.

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                              Liz, I am so glad your back...and I will be glad to come over to help ya...<wink> So sad to hear what happened over there...Not like you have enough to deal with already...Keep the faith GF!!!, things will get better...Glad everyone is ok...Love ya
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