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    Not sure if anyone is interested but thougt I would pass this on. For those of us who are in the process of losing/watching our weight, there is a challenge getting ready to start on Mothers Day. Its called the Woman Challenge you can get all the details from this site Its totally free.

    It looks like a great motivator & fun too...You get to pick your own virtual route...Anyway good luck!

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    Thanks! Great info.! I'm checking it out!

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      That is a great site. Thank you for the info.

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        Looks great...
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          Great link.. just one real concerning advise to all ladies that plan on slimming down. If you go on a weight loss diet (eating or exercise). Be sure to be able to maintain it to the min. habit then 'drop' off completely after a period. As there is very high 'chance' that the weight may be 'increase' back or even more due to body 'adjustment'. This is base on my 'work' experience. (no offense.)

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            Thanks for the info.


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              Here's a great web site for help in journaling weightloss and what you eat. I teach a nutrition unit with sophomores in high school. I had them journal their exercise and what they ate for a week. We all learned a lot! The site allows you to calculate how many calories you should eat each day to lose a given amount of weight. It then adds up what you eat and subtracts from that what you burned with exercise to give you "net calories"
              I find it helpful hope it may be of help to some of you too!
              The site is
              And - it's FREE!

              Visit my blog at