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    Yes it is true I saw the man on the news this morning! It is something shocking to see it for real!


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      Hello Girls.........females........I am so ticked off about this. I am and always will be proud to be female. We are so special. God or whom ever you believe in, has given us this wonderful gift. No matter what these crazy people say or do does not change a thing. This so called (it) was and always will be in my books, a female. She started out that way because she was blessed with the things that we females have to give birth. You can add or sew on what you want and inject what drugs you have but it does not change a thing. This really upsets me and most things I understand and try to walk in the other person's shoes. Not this time. (Bobbit where are you when we need you).. Please girls tell me I am not wrong......xoxoxo.........Lois.........
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        i dont agree.


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          Hello Lila........Please tell me why............I want to understand.........I am always willing to see other helps me to understand.......I promise to keep an open mind.....xoxoxo


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            i myself know what it is like to not be able to have children the 'normal' () way like.
            and i am totally understanding of people that feel they are born in the wrong body. and all other kinds of people that in this world are not always accepted by others.
            including gays and lesbians.
            al these people are part of my family.
            true i also think that if you so much want your own child why not look for other options.
            i myself was so lucky to be blessed to be a mum through the means of adoption.
            but who am i to say this man can not make the use of the way his body was formed to begin with.
            i know it is strange, but then again not.
            you yourself say that to you he is still a she.
            if so then why cant she have a baby?
            if this were 2 lesbians having a child??
            i think the most important thing is that the child will be loved and taken care of the way it deserves to be taken care of. and be that by two man or two woman or a man and a woman or any other combination thinkable of.
            what is wrong with love?
            and what is wrong with wanting a child so bad.
            i know from going through ivf right now that there are a lot of people out there trying to get the gift of a child through pregnancy. some go a long way.
            to long for me. i have set my limits.
            but even though i mightnt agree with someone elses limits, who am i to judge?
            you can not judge a person untill you walk a mile in their shoes. so to speak.

            i try to live by the saying
            ( dont know the correct translation for this )
            dont do on to others what you wouldnt want them do to you.
            wich is not always easy i grant but then most of the times it so is!

            but then again this is me and i respect everyones opinion in this.


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              oh and person in a wrong body.
              i can not judge someone about this.
              i dont know what this is like. but hearing the stories it sounds like hell. growing up truly not knowing who you are.
              i mean puberty is bad enough as it is.
              but i believe this is something that you cary with you from birth, just like being gay.
              and sure biologically ( pff what a word ) he is still a she.
              but we are more that just what your body biologically is formed like.

              sorry just another add on cause is dont know if it was the sex-change thing or the pregnancy. and i mostly commented on the pregnance fact so
              little to hasty with posting previous post


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                I really have no opinion on this one way or the other..I have mixed feelings about the entire issue of sex change operations..Im just wondering about the million dollars they say is in the Bank of London for the 1st male to have a baby...will this be the person who gets it???
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                  Originally posted by jazzieal View Post
                  I really have no opinion on this one way or the other..I have mixed feelings about the entire issue of sex change operations..Im just wondering about the million dollars they say is in the Bank of London for the 1st male to have a baby...will this be the person who gets it???
                  Technically 'He' can't get the money Jazz, because 'He' is really a "she'. I believe that would have to go to the completely INSANE man who THINKS he can handle a womans pain! LOL

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                    It isn't an April Fool's Joke or anything like that. I went to the supermarket yesterday, and spotted an article in the mags there about this. My thought was "Get away".

                    I have just found the article on the net


                    This guy has had a female-male sex change and married a woman who unfortunately had to have a hysterectomy. Because they as a couple are desperate for children of their own, he has stopped his testosterone treatment and is having their baby.

                    Do read the story, it is quite moving what they have had to go through to get this far.


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                      Sorry, I really don't understand the world. Everyone thinks they have to have what they want and don't think about the consequences of others that may be "in the way". I for one, pity the poor child. How confused is this child going to be. "Well, your Daddy had you because Mommy couldn't. See dear, you're daddy was a mommy but now is a daddy. He stopped being a daddy long enough to have you and is now a daddy again." Then when the child gets to school and starts to learn about the birds and the bees he's going to be totally confused.

                      I'm sorry but I don't think we have the right to mess with what is the natural order of things. I really don't mean to offend anyone but I really can't grasp this whole idea of changing what is natural. .. . . .. .sorry it's just my opinion. . . . everyone is entitled to believe whatever they think is right.

                      Truth be told, I think this may be a subject we may need to stay away from for fear of someone's feelings getting terribly hurt. But then again . . . that's just my opinion.

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                        Now my version---are we ready girls.I have many views.Always a thoughtful view..I really believe that through evolution and all the chemicals that man has made has changed our whole way of living and what we believe in.It is not only happening in humans but in animals as well.Their are so many ways we are born now.I believe we do not choose on how we are born and with what we are born with.Can you imagine what a person is tortured with when they are confused at what they are.Can you not feel their pain.My back will never be turned on the human race for it is us that actually caused alot of this.We allbleedandweallhave a heart.Their is so much of confusment in our society.I guess girls it must be the nurse in me.I seen a young boy who walked better then any girl in high heels that I ever seen.If you seen him you would actually feel he is a girl.Now he thinks he is gay but to me he is a teenager---confused .I do not think he is gay but trapped in a female body.Sometimes our chromosones play the nasty role.Because he has no answers and the subject is touchy then he feels he is gay.Then their is a man who dresses in womens clothes but that does not mean they are growing up I have had many gay friendsandI value their realtionship.I am on the race of humans wheither you are white or dark complected,wheither you are straight or gay--- We are all one in this world and God loves us all.So that is my version.Are yah all shocked.We do not hate but understanding goes a long way.I love erverybody xo.
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                          ditto Eye, ditto!