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  • Still around!

    Hey girls! Just thought I would drop a line to let you all know that I am still around! LOL. A dear friend PM'd me to ask if I had stopped selling in the SBM store and I thought I would give you all the answer too!


    LOL... I am STILL selling here at SBM.. just not as extensively as before! If you have been watching my blog you know that I am designing over at Digital Scrapbooking. org now. I started selling there so that I can reach more than just SBM users. I am still going to be selling template packs and things here though! I haven't had time to get anything new up here in the store since life has been a bit busy... but I PROMISE there is some good stuff on its way!! I love you all too much here to leave you! lol

    Just thought I'd let ya know... in case anybody cared! lol
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    Well its great to see your still around! Congrats at DSO!!! I havent been there in awhile...gotta take a peek over there...

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      YUP! Good to see you shine around here a little. And yes I knew you were at DSO and Congratulations on getting on there as well. Good luck with all of it.

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        I was hopin ya didn't trade us in (Waving)


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          Congrats!!!!! and yes I care!!!
          I wish you all the best..and don't fade away from here...I'll have to track you down and pull you back by your
          Love ya GF!!! ((HUGS))
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            Glad you're ok
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