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    I finally got moved into the new apartment..I LOVE it..its so nice and more mold and mildew or the smell of it..Andrew seems to like it and is not having to be suctioned near as much here..My sister is still here..I could not have done any of this or be moved in without her help..she is so talented at decorating..she has my little apartment looking like something from a feels so wonderful to be able to do things for, washing and drying clothes, sweeping, washing dishes, things I havent been able to do in several years..I dont stay in bed all day and I dont stay in my room all day...
    I have to got to have a ultrasound on my gall bladder..sure hope that turns out negative..waiting on the dr to call and give me my appointment date..
    I do ok somedays and I get busy and dont think too much about Lori..on other days I cry off and on all day...Chase keeps things inside..Josh is a mess..he really needs everyones prayers to deliver him from drugs..Im afraid he is going to follow in his mothers took Lori so long to finally get clean and stay that way and then it was too late..the drugs had aleady taken their toll on her poor body..folks it hurts so much inside to lose a child..Im sure there are so many out there who know the feelings...please keep your prayers going for me and my boys and my family..Im sorry I havent been on line much..just been so busy and like I said had trouble getting my computer hooked up and working..Im going to make some pictures of the house and I will post them and show you..I havent done a scrapbook page in over 2 months but i tried to do one for you with the pictures Cathy made when I got my card and money..I look like a hag in these pictures and only for you all would I post them on the internet..hope they dont scare you to death...I love you all and will talk to you soon...hugs and kisses..Jazz
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    Oh Jazz you had a long road up behind you, God guides all of you and my prayers continue aswell. We miss you around here and hope to see and hear more of you.
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      Our Special Jazz......... I found tears of joy and tears of sorrow, as I read your beautiful posting. We're so thankful to have you back with us but even more thankful that your adjusting to your new home so well. And to know that you & Andrew are phyically doing better. I know that emotionally your sad and miss Lori. Your right, the pain of losing a child is not easy. I know there are others here, as myself, who have lost a child, please know that we're here for you! We do know how it feels and share in your loss.

      Now that you have your computer up and running, a beautiful new home, and your health is improving...... we expect you to enjoy life but please don't over do it!

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        Jazz, so happy to read your post knowing you feel better. You are a real fighter and such an inspiration x
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          welcome home Jazz you have been missed

          the pain of losing a child is the worst thing anyone can go through as I and others here know, it's early days for you yet and it takes a long time to ,not get over as you never do, but come to terms with it, my son has been gone 18 years and i still cry often for him, let those tears's all part of the healing process.

          so happy you like your new apartment and doing so much more - but do take it easy.

          our love and prayers are always with you xxxx

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            Jazz, this is great news...and I am possitive this move will help you all...You sound so much better too...Keep the faith and things will turn out ok..We are all here praying for you and your family...Can't wait to see the photos..Love ya honey..
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              Glad you are home Jazz!


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                welcome home Jazz, glad to hear that you are settling into your new place. You and your family are continualy (sorry about spelling) in my thoughts.

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                  Jazz !!!! dear is so NICE to hear you and know you are at home !!!! in a new one!!!! your sister is so kind and generous to help you decorating cant wait to see your new place!!!!!!!!
                  about that grey days just can say you Forza e coraggio! you are a very strong woman and we are with you and the most important God is with you!!!!!
                  we love so much and we are so happy you are at home!
                  baci bella
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                    Oh Jazz,

                    This is so wonderful. I will look forwards to see your lovely apartment pictures too. God bless you always (Hug)

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                      To one of my dearest friends---CHILLS.You were my first one to get in touch with when I started here.You have always inspired me at your strength and your kindness.You have so much strength and belief that you are really an amazing person.You will always have days of tears.I do not think they will ever leave God gave us these special tools of tears and memories and without them we would not heal.It is hard for you but we are here to be your guide which is another of Gods Tools.He has many tools but some choice not to use them.My prayers will always be at your side like a soft pillow.Just shut your eyes and feel the breeze of Gods touch.Luv Yah Jazz.

                      So glad to hear you love your new place.Life has many adventures.Looking forward to seeing your place.Your layout is awesome and I just love your expressions.Hope to see more ofyour talent.
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                        We are all so blessed to have you here at SBM Jazz. You are an inspiration to all of us. We will continue to pray for you and for all the boys. God's power is awesome, you are proof of that. So many were praying for you during your long stay in the hospital. As many have said, you are still early in your grieving process. The hurt of missing them will never go away, it will just lessen as the years pass. I'm glad your getting settled but like the others hope you take it easy. Bless you!


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                          So glad to hear you are in your new home. It sounds wonderful and I am glad Andrew is adjusting as well. It is great seeing your post and your layout, we sure missed you around here!


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                            Glad to hear you are settled into a nice place now girl! I am sure you have good days and bad days. Know that we all love you and are here for you whenever you have time! The LO was BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are such a sweetie and you and your family are still in my prayers!! HUGS!
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                              Hello Jazz: It is not you who should thank us but us who should thank you. You just half to read all these wonderful letters in here to know what you have done for us. Thank you once again for letting us be a part of your family. Love you always.......xoxoxo