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    Forgot To Tell You A Deer Hit Me The Other Traffic Just Pitch Dark.went To Work And Looked And Their Was A Small Dent.needless To Say That Dent The Next Morning Stopped My Door From Opening.took It To Shopp And They Tell Me I Have Alot Of You Imagine.the Other Day I Almost Hit A Deer In The Daytime.i Think They Like Me.
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    Thank goodness it was on the side of the car and you weren't hurt. They can really do a lot of damage and most of the time it is impossible to avoid them.

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      oh deer! sorry couldn't resist the pun

      hope the insurance pays up for the damage and your car is fixed soon xxx

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        So glad you weren't hurt! You sound like my friend in Michigan, she has had several accidents with deers. They like her too. We came real close once, but it was on the expressway, Up in Michigan Somewhere between the Cadilac area and Mackinac. We saw the deer ahead ready to cross the road (traveling 70mph) There was a car in the lane next to us. That car hit the deer and the deer spun around in front of us. The poor car that hit the deer looked like their radiator got the worse of it.

        Deer can be real dangerous on the roadways!! So please keep your "Eye's" peeled Eye! LOL Don't want you having any bad accidents!


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          Oh my that could be a 'deer' (costly) repair bill (lol)


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            How strange...a deer ran in front of my car last week, I was going slowly so the dear deer was lucky! It was on a busy road and the last thing I expected to see in front of me
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              I hope everything turns out ok...Glad you weren't hurt...Stay safe, and maybe off the roads..<wink> Take care!
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                Oh wow eye..sorry about the accident just glad you werent hurt...I remember when a horse ran out in front of one of andrews nurses..her husband was driving a big caddy and was going pretty fast when he hit it..he was in the hospital for weeks and hurt him pretty bad and killed the horse..
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                  yep, been there done that before myself!! Glad you were not hurt.
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                    Hello Friend!

                    Just wanted to drop a note to say HI and let you know that I've been thinking about you! Have A Great Day!
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                      oh!! now !!

                      OMG, poor person deer, but had luck was in the one car nurse! hehehehe
                      Eye, grace God, did not have wounds in you, my certain sister time were with a horse, it lost its car all, and it broke the arm and ribs,
                      Care in the roads ok


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                        There are allways a lot of deer out runing around here in the spring. sorry about the car .

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                          Glad to hear HE hit You and not the other way around. Less damage that way. Glad you weren't hurt. Hey! Did you get his insurance info? Maybe you can sue for damages. LOL!

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                            Glad that both of you (+ deer deer) are not hurt. Hope your insurance pay you the repair 'bucks' soon .

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                              Happy to know you are ok both of you.
                              We have the same problem here but with another specimen.Do you want to guess? It is sometimes impossible to avoid them (when living in the country side) but they do lot of damages to the cars.