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    No one but you can make this decision, sweetie. WE all want whats best for you. Most of us have never had to face such a hard choice. Please know that we are praying for you. Hard. I know if you ask God what you are supposed to do in such a way that you can't mistake His answer, He'll lead you on the right path. Have faith in Him. At least the DR gave you a month to decide so no immediate urgency. We're with you in whatever you decide. Love you, sweetie!

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      My thoughts are with you xxxx
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        Originally posted by OnieRN View Post
        WOW......... I know this is so so hard for you to take in and decide on the direction to take. I agree with the others on doing some research and a second opinion on your options.

        My grandmother was a diabetic and on dialysis for many years. I also know that a few months ago, I nearly lost my husband with his cardiac issues. I believe that if it were me, I would take the chance and have the cath done. The process of having the cath done (dye) is that they will be able to put a stint in at that time or schedule you for the other procedure, if needed. My concern is if you do not take care of the cardiac issues first, you could get into trouble later, when the heart needs to be stronger.

        My love and prayers are with you! I know this is a hard time for you.
        I totally agree with Onie. This is what my sister was told when she was going through something very similar. My heart goes out to you Michelle. Wish I was there in person to give you a BIG HUG! Love ya girl! You're always in my prayers.

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          Have you got any gray hair yet.Wow Michelle you have too much on your plate for one serving.All I can say is faith will be on your side.Go with your gut instincts.You know it has to be done but a hard answer to give.If you let the heart go it may be much worse.Is both kidneys not good?A person can live for years on one kidney.You have 2 kidneys but only one heart(which by the way is so full of love).Any one of these is a big desicion.Whatever choice you make I am sure you will make a good one.You sure are a wonderful person. So giving.So strong.I do not think in all the years of nursing that I have ever met someone who is so strong.I hope I have not offended you in anyway.Remember I do alot of nights so I hope I have not made any mistakes in my words.One thing I do know you have many who like you and we are here for you. xo
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            I know you don't know me well, but I have you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray God will send you wisdom, healing, encouragement, and most of all, peace.


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              Thanks so much everyone....Tears have been falling alot lately, but only in the good you all bring...Everyone is so sweet and caring in here, and I can't be more thankful to know you all...I have been doing alot of thinking, and am aiming for the heart fix first and just deal with whatever comes out of it when it alot of research and it is really the only proceedure they can do around here to get things fixed...So...
              Tomorrow, I go for more tests results for other things that a new doctor tested me for, so cross your fingers again..I don't need bad news twice in one will let you all know when I know...
              Thanks again for being such a loving family...((HUGS))
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                Michele, I pray God gives you the strength and comfort you need right now in your life. Hugs, Susie
                Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                  Ohh Michele you have been whammied soo much!!! I have to agree with Granny on this one...see if you can get on a list for a kidney transplant...the earlier you get on it the better you'll be, you might not need it right now, but at least you'll be on the list. Your docs should be able to guide you in the right directions. As always my thoughts and prayers are with ya!
                  Keepin my fingers crossed for good news tommorow!

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                    Michelle you are in my prayers, even though you don't know me. What is happening to you is so unfair.The only thing I can say is that we are praying for you, you only, know what is best for you and it is a hard decision to make.God bless you and gives you the strength you need.Hugs.


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                      Michelle, prayers get you through some tough situations and your pals here are sending a bushel to you.

                      My husband had the same concerns during a recent surgery and the doctors made sure he took a series of pills called NAC before the dye was injected to protect the kidneys. Did anyone mention this to you yet?


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                        you dont know me but i've so enjoyed your posts and art work that i feel like your a friend of mine! I'm so very sorry you are having to go thru this honey

                        First and foremost you have to get your heart working. Statistically women do not survive heart attacks at a young age very well, so you just have to get this taken care of. Its a fact your heart got issues, and with out it the prospect is poor, with the kidneys, you have a chance that it WONT kill the infected kidney, and even if it does you still have one kidney and could be fine for a long time and be on a donor list without dialysis. Worst case scenerio dialysis is always an option, but there is no option for your wonderful heart (and a big one at that from what i've seen, your such a dear)

                        I hope im not being to blunt, its the RN in me tho. MD's usually give you the worst case scenerios upfront, so always know there is a chance that both kidneys will survive.

                        On that note, i'm concerned (i havent read all responses, as i just worked 12 hours and am brain dead, so not sure it was brought up) but im very concerned that the Dr said he'd give you a lot of time to come to a decision. Really if you have significant blockage even in a small vien it can lead to a heart attack and ischemia to that part of the heart. Don't let him let you wait that long, my advise to you, is get your kidney as strong as you can as fast as you can (or if its already stong) and get this angiogram done NOW. Often they can just fix it while they are in there with no surgery.

                        Keep abreast of things with your nephrologist and your endocrinologist and ask the best advise about kidney transplant. If your having blockage now, chances are it could happen again, and they will want to do dye tests once in a blue moon, so if its going to effect you this much, get everyone as involved as possible. Also it never ever hurts to get a second opinion.

                        also a dye called Gadolinium dye is being used on renal patients with better results. Its not used by everyone, but google it, it seems to be handled well by many renal patients as its not nearly as nephro toxic. Might be a good option!

                        Good luck and i really hope i could help you in some small way.


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                          Michelle I can only pray for you, that God will lead you to the best decision. I'm sure you are in good hands. !!

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                            oh also, read this, its very informative (hopefully the MD knows this stuff), but it will educate you too on things to do before hand and what meds to take and to hold (like no metformin for a while and take mucomyst to help secrete the dyes.)

                            anyway hope this helps you!



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                              Nurseypoo5... Thank you for sharing that info with Wolvsie. We love the kid. She is a royal pain in the Caracas sometimes, but she is really precious.

                              Ah.... Don't tell her we think she is precious, she already has a big head on her shoulders!


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                                Michelle, I will add you to my prayer list! What a choice to be faced with! I guess I'd ask the doctor what he would do if it were them or their spouse or child in my place. Sorry I can't give you any better advice than that. Give it to God.

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