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    I'm so sorry you have to go through this, Michelle. You know that so many prayers are going up for you. So many have said that you should take care of your heart first. I think that's the thing to do, too. May you have no more bad news!


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      Thanks so much everyone...just hearing all the sweet things about me and towards me, makes my day...<wink> Don't listen to Granny, my head isn't that
      I appreciate the info NurseyPoo...Great reading and will definetly bring it up...Don't know if you are aware, but I had two heart attacks already and a 5 bypass...Started at the age of 28...So I hear you in what you said...Thanks...

      For the tests reults on the other blood work..I am not real good with numbers and after listening to the Doctor, it was huh, yadda yadda, etc...So much doctor words, gets me in a anyways, my protien level in the urine was very high...Normal is around 30, mine was over 8,000...EEK...So I was put on a pill to help this and the kidneys...The blood work showed that my kidneys are working together at only 40%...Scarey, but no one really give me answers towards the kidney situation and is starting to get to me...They act like it isn't a big deal...But how can it not be?
      My vitamin D level was VERY LOW...So I am on three different pills to bring that up and they are figuring this is the reason my muscles are hurting in everything I do...SO maybe if I bring that level back up, my muscles will be better...All the other tests, came out normal, except for the immune system...Very low...Well, I didn't need a doctor to tell me already figured that out on my own...<wink>
      Now yesterday, I did a test at home that my doctor wanted me to try to see how bad the blockage is...It's kind of embarrassing so I won't describe the test...But before doing what he suggested, I had to take a Nitro pill, and see if that would open the veins more, and if it did, I wouldn't cough up blood like turn, means the blockage isn't a huge concern...Well, I did the test, and still coughed up blood...So it is obvious that the blockage is severe enough...I have to call the doc Monday and let him know, so I don't think I will have to wait a month for the test...I will let you all know what he says...Can't wait until this is over...<wink> UGH...
      I appreciate all your love and concern...I don't think I'd make it through all this without knowing I can come here and vent about it..Thanks again...Love ya...God Bless...
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        Oh Michelle, honey. I am still and always sending prayers up your way! Forgive me for being a little late on the thread and in the prayer chain. but I have been quiet lately. I'll keep you in my prayers. God bless sweetie!


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