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  • My dear friends, please read...

    I went through hell today with some more tests..They couldn't find a vein and poked everywhere possible..Finally they went through a main vein in my wrist and let me tell you, it still hurts..So anyways, I went through the second set of pictures on my heart...They found a significant blockage! Good news it isn't in a main artery, those are fine..But it is in a vein and it's cutting off blood to the heart..Hence why I cough up blood when I have to breathe harder then normal...Bad news...(and where I would love to hear your opinions on what to do....)
    They need to do a dye test to find out where the blockage is exactly and how bad it is, so they can figure out if angeo or a stent is needed to help open it up...Unfortunately, (my luck), the dye affects the kidneys pretty bad, especially if they are already damaged like mine are from the Diabetes...If they go in with the dye for the catheter test, it is almost possitive I will lose the more infected kidney...It will shut down...So do I take that chance to prevent another heart attack and lose a kidney...(which will also worsen the better one of the two)...or do I let nature take its course and wait to save the kidney? I have to see him in a month to hear his outlook on things and give him my thoughts...I'm not really upset by the news, I really expected worse, and saw it coming..(My<wink>) But he made a point saying I am so young...and if I lose one kidney now, it is possible I will lose the other at a later time...and there isn't many left in my family to be tested for a match..Most have Diabetes too...He wished there was another way, but there isn't...well, that is the news..Not the greatest, but like I said, it could've been alot worse...Thoughts anyone? Thanks for listening...((HUGS))
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    what a choice...devil or the deep blue sea

    i would say go with getting your heart fixed, but before you do i would get into google and see if they can test a different way than the dye

    if i lived closer i'd get tested for can have one of my kidneys...but you'd probably be drunk after you woke up from op

    good luck whatever you decide ya me lil alien xxx

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      wow,,, what a decision.........I think if it was me I would have the test and take the chance....but as fiona suggested do a little research of your own are always in my thoughts,,,,no one can really make this decision for need to go with what you think is best for you and also what you can deal with in the future depending on the outcomes....lots of hugs is all i can offer

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        Thinking of you ! [U]You[U] will make the right choice for you
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          Hay kid that is an awful lot to decide. I guess I would ask the doc. what he would do in your place. Check on the computer and ask if anyone has had to face this. Maby there are other doctors you can talk to just to help you with this decision. Being so young can sometimes be a plus. I will pray for you no matter what you decide and I send my love your way.....xoxoxo


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            Well, it's a personal opinion, but you can't live at all without your heart functioning..... I say get your cardiac issues taken care of..... you do have the option of dialysis if your kidneys give out.... you'll do what you feel is right for you, I'm sure!!! {{hugs}}
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              WOW......... I know this is so so hard for you to take in and decide on the direction to take. I agree with the others on doing some research and a second opinion on your options.

              My grandmother was a diabetic and on dialysis for many years. I also know that a few months ago, I nearly lost my husband with his cardiac issues. I believe that if it were me, I would take the chance and have the cath done. The process of having the cath done (dye) is that they will be able to put a stint in at that time or schedule you for the other procedure, if needed. My concern is if you do not take care of the cardiac issues first, you could get into trouble later, when the heart needs to be stronger.

              My love and prayers are with you! I know this is a hard time for you.
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                You're in my prayers, punkin, whatever you decide to do. And while you're at it, can you get on a list for a kidney donnor? Might as well have it already in progress...? No?


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                  SWEEITE! I'm sure God will make you take the right decision but is a good idea ask for another opinion a little research could be usefull and dont forget we are always with you in our prayers!
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                    Oh Michelle..sometimes it seems life is so one can tell you what to do but Im like the rest I would get my heart taken care of..its the only one you have..I have had that heart cath done several times and had no problems what so ever..I am diabetic too...and if they can put a stint in they will do it then then you will start feeling much better...but I also say get another opinion...or look up info on the internet..whatever you decide I know will be the right one for will have so many praying that you make the right choice how can you make a wrong one!!!!!
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                      My prayers and thoughts are with you.
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                        Be strong and quickly get this fix. You are still young so still can fight this 'evil' problem. God bless your health always. Take care.

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                          What a decision. I know it must be nervwracking. I know what I would do but I'm not you. you will look in to it and get lots of info and make a good decision. one that is best for you. And I will pray for you. BIG HUG.

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                            Hey Michelle,

                            I was reading the other posts from our SBM family and the one thing that came to mind was a song...... "You've Got A Friend". I think that's the name. The the words say it all.... winter, spring, summer or've got a friend,......all you need to do is just call out my name..... I hope you understand my thoughts! We're all here for each other and you will never be alone.

                            We All Love You Friend
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                              oh!! my friend !!

                              Michelle, thinks where and better for you, the God has asked for who illuminates its mind and decides optimum possible ok, I thinks that he does not go to have necessity of this you are welcome, you new girl has much future life has two children adorables, and looks for not to think about illness, takes care of of its diabetes and follows in front, I has prolapse in the mitral valve of the heart, the two years medicates said it me that a surgery was necessary and to take remedy the remaining portion of the life.
                              I did not make nothing of this, and forgot the illness, living creature very well with it,
                              I always pray so that God me of much health to take care of of my son and my husband, ok
                              Mine prayers is always to all here and now mainly you
                              Whichever its decision, we are with you, has many kidneys here that can it be useful, in we love you,