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  • sacannon

    Sue got me on messenger last night and asked me to let you know her internet is playing up.I was posting this then but fell asleep! It allows her on messenger but won't let her on the internet or send emails. I'd go mad, I'd be unbearable to live can anyone survive without their pooter ....poor Sue. She has contacted various people such as her provider etc who have talked her through various checks but no good so far. She is frantically backing up in case of disaster.Anyway to sum up she just wanted everyone to know why she won't be on here until she gets sorted, hopefully soon.
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    we will miss her around here, hope she gets access soon
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      Thanks buddy.Gee Sue we need yah back here.Hope all goes well and it does not lead to an expense.
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        Thanks *eng*, hope it is not too serious, we need you here you are precious too us!


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          Thank You for that update on Sue. Poor Sue, I know how it is to have SMB-itis or withdrawls! We will miss her and tell her to hurry back.......... AND BACK UP is that magic word!
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            thank you sweetie for the info, hope our dear sue come back soon!!!!
            we miss you !!!!
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              hope the puter gets sorted soon

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                Thank you for keeping us posted, Eng.

                Sue, threaten that thing, tell it you'll pull the plug if it doesn't shape up!!!

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                  Hurry back Sue..((HUGS))
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                    Ohhh Sue! I hate to hear when anyone is having computer problems. I know that I would be frantically making sure everything was backed up and that I didn't miss anything. Good luck our friend-hope to see you soon.

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                      Thanks Eng!
                      Sue, I sure hope you get it up and running soon!!!!

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