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    In that case, you have my full blessing. Can you bring me back an honest to goodness, real polar bear?


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      Congratulations! Enjoy your trip. I'm jealous! - of the trip that is, not near ready for grand babies yet!

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        Congratulations Grandma! Boys are great! (But what do I know I only have two girls!) LOL

        From what I've heard those ice caps are melting anyway so your cruise should be fine! <wink>

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          Wow! another boy! You are just destined to be surrounded by men! Congrats!

          And a another cruise ship too. I am with you, I hope this one stays afloat!


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            Ohh ...Marion,

            Congratulation for your new grand baby coming and your cruise. Have fun before busy taking their lovely pictures and share with us.

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              Congratulations on the baby news. And enjoy the cruise to Alaska, hear that June is the perfect month for there.

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                Marion, I'm just now reading this and I want to wish you the best..How special is it to have that many grandbabies? WOW...Want to adopt my two boys? LOL...Good luck on the cruise...((HUGS))
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                  Auguri Nonna Marion!!!
                  congratulations diear MArion for the new baby boy in your family!!!!!
                  my best wishes with your cruise to Alaska! wow!!!! hope some day we could do the same trip!!!!!!1
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                    Hey can have your own chatshow...Dr Marions Boys
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                      LOL I guess that means NO PINKS yet....LOL When and if you ever get that granddaughter she is gonna be spoiled rotten....hahaha
                      CONGRATS Marion!
                      Another Cruise and a wonderful scrapbook to look forward to.
                      I've never been to Alaska, so take mega photos, I wanna see it all!

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                        Well one more Marion and you can have your own baseball team LOL..when is he great granddaughter is due in August...I'll do some pink layouts for you ...have a great time on your cruise and make lots of pictures for us..thats the closest I will ever get to being there..happy for you on both counts..boys are just as precious..I have 5 of them..
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                          WOW Marion! I too heard all about how absolutely beautiful the Alaskan cruise is. Please do have fun, and keep this boat afloat ok. Another grandson is perfect! Just think about it this way-your family name will be carried on for many generations to come

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                            Congrats Marion! All those boys - wow. Shows the male genes are strong in your family. Enjoy the cruise. Will be waiting to hear if this boat stays afloat after you disembark. If it doesn't, I think everyone will think something fishy is going on. Take lots of pictures.