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Sorry that I have been MIA

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  • Sorry that I have been MIA

    I don't know if anyone even noticed me being since my surgery it has been one thing after the next around here...I have healed up nicely from the surgery, still a couple bruises, but they were expected...I am feeling much better too...My kidneys are still operating as before, blood work showed alittle elevation, but they are ok so far...I have been put on some more pills (like I don't take enuff of them and they have to be checked again in 2 months...
    with all the rain we were getting here, we had some problems with the internet...I enclosed some photos for you to see...the first three were right out my front door, and the last one was taken at the river here...see how fast the water was moving...Lets just pray for no more rain here...UGH...
    I hope everyone is doing fine...thanks for the emails of concern as well...Much appreciated...

    This weekend I will be gone for 4 days..We are leaving this Thursday and not coming back until Sunday..But I promise to get back on here to catch up on things..Feels like forever since I've been here...((HUGS))
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    WOW, that's alot of rain, I hope you guys get no more. Glad to hear you're doing better. Take care.
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      I missed yahIn fact I was just wondering last night where you were and was going to message you to see if you are okay.I am glad things are healing and you are on your feet.
      That is some rain floods.Hope you do not get floods.Have a safe and good time on the week end.
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        Hi Michelle. So glad you are healing up well. Do you think you might rattle if we picked you up and shook you, with all those pills you are popping? If they do the job - keep taking them.

        We have missed you, but see the odd post here and there since you got out of hospital, so I assumed you were doing as per doctor's orders and resting. I do hope for your sake that the water does not keep rising any more or you could be swimming out of your front door.

        Here's wishing you well and come back soon


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          So glad you are ok was thinking of you alot and hope no more rain there. also enjoy your weekend and take things easy.
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            From the photos, it looks like the road in front of your house is now a river! Well, just sit back and pretend you live in Venice! Buy a canoe and hire one of those "boat pusher guys" to stand up in the back of it and have a couple mojitos on Granny! So glad you're doing well.

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              Oh My!

              I hope your staying dry inside the house! From the looks of things, it looks as if you need a row boat in order to leave the house.

              I was wondering about you too but Ive been so busy and hav missed a lot of posts, so I thought I had just missed hearing from you. I am just so thankful that your surgery went well and that your doing better. I know it's still a long road ahead but just keep following the doctors instructions.
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                Glad to hear your health is better. I sure do hope you don't get anymore rain for awhile! Agh! I've missed you around here!

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                  WOLVSIEEEEEEE your ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh thank goodness!!!!! Its been way tooooo QUIET around here!!!!!
                  Take your time and heal that body!!!!! Rest, Rest and more Rest and when you think you have rested enough.....get more rest!!!!!! Then come back to us cause we miss ya like crazy!!!!
                  As for that rain.... keep it there please, we had a major flood here 2 years ago, wipe out so many homes along the river, its still a mess!
                  Be safe and have a fun vacation!!!

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                    Glad to see that you are ok, wehave alot of rain here too, and there are places here that have water up to the roofs, Thank god I live on a hill it's dry here but only a mile away lots of water.


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                      So happy you are mending wolvsie. Take care now.
                      Floods ....we still have 5.000 people living in caravans since ;ast June's floods according to he news this morning As long as you are ok that's all that matters
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                        Wolvsie, glad you're healing well, but please be careful. Don't get any wise ideas about swimming in the current or making mud pies. We're getting too old for that kind of stuff!

                        Miss you terribly. It's way to quiet around here!


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                          Yeah...I agree with mud pies for you girly..glad to hear from you and so glad you are on the better be resting..for the first time I had a written direct order to rest at regular intervals on my discharge Im trying to do it...but I say rest from what, cant do
                          have fun on your trip and hope you will be back soon..we sure miss you
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                            Enjoy your 4 days, stay safe and well.

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                              Hope you are having a lot of fun!!!! At least you should be dry!

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