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    Hello Everyone,

    Wow, this move has been difficult! We have a shed full of boxes to unpack but all the furniture is in the house. We've been extremely busy and are wore out. My family has all been a big help! We still have some painting to do but it's i the kitchen and bathroom. My parents plan to help finish out the kitchen tomorrow. I figure we will be in finished with unpacking by next weekend.

    THEN, I have a job interview on July 7th. John will be looking to go back to work too, since we have his pension mess to deal with. OH WELL, I have to believe everything will work out just fine. I will feel better, when the house in El Paso sells.

    I do hope to be more active here soon! I miss you all so terribly!

    Luv You All

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    Oh sooooooooo thinking about you... Hang on in there.


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      Glad to hear from you and that all is coming along!! Good Luck on your job interview!
      Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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        Hey Onie,
        Been keeping up on your threads, and I'm wishing you both good luck and happiness...You deserve it...Keep in touch and remember to BREATHE...<wink> ((HUGS))
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          Welcome back! I'm sure the interview will go well. Hang in there, you're through with most of it.


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            Thanks Everyone

            Tomorrow morning, I will be flying back to El Paso for the day. I have to go back and sign for my last paycheck or I'd have to wait for it to show up in the mail. Not a good idea.... It contains 2 months of pay, They automatically stop the direct depost on the last check, so it was cheaper to fly back for the day then to drive back. I leave at 9:30 am and return at 5:30. Sort of strange but after looking at all the options, this seemed to be the best.

            While I'm gone, my folks will be finishing painting the kitchen. Right now, the place is a mess, cause we've been opening boxes all day. DANG, I've never seen so much STUFF in my life! I keep wondering where the heck I got all this stuff!

            Well, will chat again soon.
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              ahhh the fun of moving

              when i was married the first time we moved 6 times in 9 years (forces!) i can give you one piece of advice....if it hasn't come out of a packing box in 6 months .....throw it, sell it, ditch it's not needed lol

              look forward to you being settled soon xxxx

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                Onie I don't envy you at all. I HATE moving!! But once it is all unpacked and you are settled it will be sooo nice. Wishing you luck and hopefully you will be back doing LO's of your new surroundings.

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                  Good luck with everything Onie
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