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    WOW,did I just have a wonderful wonderful surprise..Im sitting in the living room and somone knocked on my door and there was a woman and a man standing took me just a minute to figure out it was what a wonderful surprise, I cant believe you bunch of nuts kept a secret..LOL..they are coming back in the am and we are going out for breakfast..we just hugged and hugged...I cant believe she was here..her husband is really nice too..and Granny is so sweet I love to hear her talk with her cuban accent..we had a nice visit, tomorrow we are going to take pictures..when she left I had to hug her again and I just held was like having all of you here..I wont ever forget today..the first thing she said to me, and she had this folder like thing in her hand, she asked me if I was Linda Rogers and I said yes, I was thinking oh my gosh what has happend now then she handed me an envelope and said I have a special delivery for you, it just had my name showing and I said, Thank you, and then it hit me, thats granny, and I said GRANNY...she laughed and we hugged for the longest time..I was so excited about having her here I forgot about the envelope and just laid it down..oh my wonderful wonderful friends, you are so special..I know there is a special place in heaven for you all..I am just so totally overwhelmed at the check and how you gave so generously..I feel so underserving..I know some of you gave when you didnt have to give, and I know there are many that need it as much as I can I say thank mother said what are you going to say to them, how will you ever thank them enough..I said there is no way to thank them enough..I dont know how..other than to say how much I love you all and how much you mean to me..I had an idea though, what if we start a fund for our friends in need..we could all put in just what we could every month or week or however you want to that would be up to you and also ok if you cant give..there will probably be months when I cant give...but we would have a nice size nest egg when our friends are in need ..everyone can just think about it and we will talk to Granny when she gets back on line..wouldnt you know it my house was a mess..gemma(my puppy) had all her toys and blankes all over the living room, she had been eating popcorn under the coffee table and had left crumbs, a big clothes basket full of clothes I had folded but not put was sorta a sad day and i didnt do anything but work on the word art a bit and went with my mom to the bank and to the store..the heat was terrible so I was having trouble breathing when I got home..guess she thought I was not much of a housekeeper..ok girls I have to stop now and fix me some supper..I am so excited I dont guess I will sleep a wink..thank again everyone for you all very much...
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    what a wonderful excited you must be looking forward to breakfast in the morning..better get the camera flashingLOL have a great time you deserve it

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      What a awesome surprise Jazz! Glad you had fun meeting Granny. Let us know how breakfast goes and I can't wait for the pictures!


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        I thought it was so wonderful when Granny told me she was going to deliver it in person! What a great thing to do and you are so deserving Linda! Unfortuneatly I didn't find out what was going on in time to get in on this because of my computer being down, but I did buy some of the kits from Michelle's site. Have a great visit tomorrow and get some great pictures to do layouts with! Pretend that we are all there too!


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          I think this is one of the nicest things I've heard of in a long time, what a nice surprise for you Jazz. Enjoy your breakfast!!
          Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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            You deserve it Jazz! You are a very special lady! What a great person Granny is for delivering it in person! Take lots of pictures and give Granny a hug for me too! Lots of love and hugs,

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              What a great surprise for you!! We kept the secret well, didn't we?!! Granny is a most special person - how wonderful you got to meet her! Hugs and more hugs!!


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                Yep Granny is good at keeping yah in the dark.I never knew a thing.What a nice surprise.Is anyone coming to Canada.That was so nice of granny to visit and I bet you are still shocked.Wow.We luv yah Jazz xo.Wow
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                  LOL! Isn't that just like Granny, to try to fool you like that. What a great surprise! Can't wait to see the pics from breakfast. Have a great time!

                  In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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                    As you Americans say.......... this is AWESOME...


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                      Yepper, The secret was a kept good! I'm glad Granny and Danny made it there safely. Let me tell you....... Granny is making GREAT time too. She left out of California on Friday morning, met with Steve by lunch, saw me a couple hours later, then was heading for Los Cruises, NM. I understand they were then going to Dallas before showing up in Jazz's.

                      Jazz, you tell Granny and Danny to slow down and not move too fast! They have gone a lot of miles in just a few days!!!!

                      I'm so glad that you received your envelope by Special Delivery!!! Granny is such a sweetie!!!!!
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                        OMG Jazz!!!! what an incredible surprise!!!!!!! i want it toooooo
                        I'am so happy for you and Granny can met well , have a GREAT time for breakfast you will be in my thoughts!!!! cant wait to see the pictures!!!!!!!!!
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                          aww Linda Granny came to see you not your house....what a wonderful surprize i cant wait to see pics

                          Granny can i now take this gag off????

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                            Oh Jazzie, I'm so glad she made it there ok...She told me about and and said if I mentioned it to ANYONE, she was gonna come after me with her dang bat!!!!! So I had no choice but to stay must have been a wonderful surprise...
                            *wonder whose door Granny will knock down next?*
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                              OMG! This is like the bestest news I have heard in a long time!!! I too was kept in the dark. But it's a happy dark!!! I agree with Fiona-she came to see you not your house and I am just sooooo thrilled to know that you two got to meet. Wish I could have been there too!! That would have been such a treat! I am soooo happy for you Jazz and for Granny and her sweet hubby (who has to cart her all around the country for heavens sake)!!hahahaha! Hope you had a great breakfast this morning!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

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