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  • Love you to Eye,it's great to spread the Love hugs Karyn.


    • Eye just want to thank you abd give you a big hug. you are such an inspiration to me when I get5 down about my weight and smoking I just come here and read about your determination and it gives me a boost to try again.
      hugs Val

      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


      • Originally posted by eye View Post
        For all those who know me and for those that are new it is time to express.Life in some peoples lives is snuffed out.Life has so much meaning to me that I have to say to each and everyone that crosses my path in life that I am truth and that I do not lie and that I luv everyone.Life is a short vessel and we need strength which I feel is in my love and my friendship to each and everyone.I am kind and I am honest but life to me sucked.I know many but had no friends tilll now.I have bonded with people like Marion,granny, crops ,jazz, eng, saccannon, smile, Maggie Mae,Knuzus,Angelewithin,Angle,Whiz and Emily,Manatee,Mary(M51),Desmond and many many more.we have been all placed in what we call fate.Thank God for these little fates.I love you all and want to thank you all deeply and i do love you xo.
        Eye this is very beautiful. So often we get caught up in our own lives and forget to stop and say Thank you to everyone, who has come along to brighten our days. Thank you for this and all you do. Love to you and keep spreading the love, we sure need this.


        • What beautiful words! Love you too Eye! xxxxoooo

          My buddies are Granny, Wolvsie35, angelwithin, twpclerk, moonlightpearl, Vanessa, Wickel, Smile, Eye and Pink Lollipop