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    I forgot to mention that Extreme Makeover is in Toledo right now! There were 4 families original up for the show, They picked one and they have torn down the old house and started building a new one. It is only about 15 minutes from me. They encourage anyone to come and watch. People are sitting on rooftops watching the house go up. They are a couple of hours behind schedule right now. So far the weather has been good, but the next couple of days are predicted to have rain. That might put them more behind schedule. They are suppose to complete it in 106 hours and work from 8am to 8pm. They set up a parking area at the nearby Banner Mattress Store and shuttle people to the site.

    The family they chose has 11 boys. 3 are biological, the rest are adopted. Some of them came from Haiti.
    The old house was a 3 bedroom ranch style house. They are building a two storey 4000 square foot 5 bedroom five bath home.

    The show is going to be aired in November sometime. They havent set the date yet.

    I am getting ready to go to an appointment in that area. I hope I get through!

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    Oh Sue this is so neat.I would be parked in my lawn chair and taking pictures.
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      A lot of people are taking pictures and some are trying to get autographs from the stars of the show.


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        Wow, Sue, how exciting. Will we see you on TV in the crowd come November?? LOL
        Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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          NAW, I wouldn't wait 3 hrs in line to catch the shuttle over. I went past the parking area today on the way home from my appointment and it was full. They had a food vender set up in the parking lot. On the radio they said there was a line up for the shuttle and one woman waited 3 hrs. You are not alowed to drive to the house, it is blocked off accept for people who live on the street.


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            That would be neat to watch...Hey Crops, bring the popcorn and lets go...<wink>
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              When I saw "extreme makeover" I thought you might have gone out &
              • had a 'punk' hairdo,
              • couple of tattoos (sp) and
              • a bit of body piercing...!!!

              LOL LOL LOL

              My son has the tv channel which shows your USA 'Extreme Makeover' programmes & WOW... what a show.


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                Sorry to disappoint you Mary, LOL! As soon as they tell us when it will air, I will let everyone know. This is day five of construction and I guess the sides are up and the roof is on....I don't know about the shingles???


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                  What fun!
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                    Got the popcorn.... I am ready to go.....when is the next bus available??? lol

                    Hey Sue, quick get down there, make a scene, throw some popcorn... I am sure they will keep the cameras rollin and we will ALL get to see you on TV.....hahaha
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                      Mary... She had those done last week!!

                      Where have you been?


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                        Mary-Extreme Makeover did start with making over peoples bodies-such as lypo suction, dental work, etc--but this is actually called Extreme Makeover--Home edition. And yes they are spectacular. In fact when the home edition first started they just renovated your home and added on to it--but they never do that anymore-they rebuild you a brand new spectacular home!!!!
                        Sue-make sure you get pix!! They were here two years ago and I even knew the family whose house they did. BUT I didn't know them well enough where I could get a tour of the finished home--but I did know them!!hahahaha!

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                          Well, it's pouring down rain. Hopefully it will stop so they can work on the house. We really needed the rain though.


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                            I hadn't looked at the paper yet when I made the last post. There is a picture of the house in the paper and it looks like it is going to be very nice. (Don't think I am suppose to use a picture from the paper I am sure the photographer wouldn't like it) The roof is shingled and the siding is partially up in the picture, but it may be done now. So it looks like most of the work left is inside. The paper says they will hand over the keys on Sunday. Wow, they can sure build a house fast when they have that many workers. The paper says they had about 3000 volunteers for different things including Police, Fire Crews and Paramedics, even massage therapists. I forgot to mention earlier that the father of the family is a fireman. My friends husband might know him, he is a retired fireman.

                            The old house was valued at about $130 thousand. The new house is estimated to be valued at about $500 thousand. The family is curently at Disney World which is paid for by the show. Furniture is being donated for the home. (Should mention that this area has affordable realestate, not like parts of California, the east coast and other area's where it is high).

                            I will update later when I have more info. I can't wait to see this on TV.
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                              I "Googled" it and found some photos... Hope I can do the same when they're finished...!!!