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Taking a break- I wish everyone well.

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  • Taking a break- I wish everyone well.

    Hey everyone.

    I just wanted to pop in a note that I am taking a break from computer stuff for a while. I have been at my apartment for over nine years and all of the tenants around me have come and gone for several years and all of these units have been remodeled and now they have to get my unit up to standard.

    I turned in my repairs and they got back to me that they want to remodel the whole thing top to bottom. So I am packing and moving most of my things into my garage unit in the next building. I have had about 2-3 hrs of sleep a day for over a week now trying to sort and box up all of this clutter! I now have to sort through what is in the garage too!

    The manager said that it may lift my spirits to get it all under control again and 'spiff' it up a bit. She is hoping to recarpet and paint throughout. I have industrial grey square tile so maybe new linoleum flooring and new golden oak kitchen cabinets to replace the darl walnut plywood looking ones there now... My bathroom sink is shot, cracked and the stopper drain is not working so a new vanity and sink. They said they needed to redo the caulking around the tub and the shower needed new fixtures as the knobs are stripped and hard to turn. They even need me to empty the closets. OMGOSH! I am so overwhelmed. And I have hideous linen and plastic beige curtains at all four windows and all , I repeat, all of the rods do not work so they want to do horizontal blinds on the three wide windows and verticals on the patio.

    I am trying to be happy about all of this but I am sitting here on the computer when I have just been in all of my closets and it looks like a tornado hit the place as I ran out of boxes sometime yesterday and I now have 5 more hours to go before they come in to do the official assessment. OMGosh!

    On top of this I am still looking for work and am required to do job search 20 hrs a week. Man! I am exhausted.

    And when I moved my shelving unit I found a surprise. There was a critter hole that needs to be sealed. EEWW!!! What a long haul of work.

    So I wish everyone well in the next month or so.

    aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations

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    Sure hope all your work will be worth the end result. That sounds worse than moving and I have done far too much of that <packing is no fun> but I do like being able to go thru things and getting rid of stuff and cleaning. Hopefully all of the rest of your surprizes will be pleasant.

    Computer breaks are great once in a while just remember to come back.
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      Things will be so you will luv this when it is all done.
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        I know it is a pain right now, I don't envy that. But in the end it will be worth it. Good Luck in your search too!


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          I haven't moved in 20 years. Can you imagine the clutter around this place? LOL! So I sympathize with you but am glad it's you and not me! Just try to think of how nice it's going to be to come back to and keep your chin up! We'll miss you and be waiting here for when you get back! Hurry up and come back already!!

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            Just think of this as an exercise to have a good old 'clear out'... I'm a 'minimalist' and just love clean lines. The word 'clutter' is not in my vocabulary!!!! LOL
            Keep smiling ~ if you can.


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              In the End, you will be so happy with the results. Wow, a whole new house make over, that will be great. Hang in there till then, we'll be thinking of you. HUGS!!!
              Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                Crystal, I'm so excited for you! I've been living in a remodeling/construction zone for six years! I don't know if we will ever get done. I would love the luxury of having someone else do the work and make the payments. I hope everything turns out beautiful. It sounds like your apartment is WAY over do for some spiffing up!

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                  Enjoy it, Crystal. Like everyone said, this is a great opportunity. I'm always changing, remodeling, adjusting. My husband is ready to trade me in for a model that does'nt know what a hammer is.

                  So, view it as an adventure. Like Mary said, less is best. Get rid of anything that does not have to do with Scrapbooking, and organize the rest. You'll be so happy when it's over!!!

                  See ya in a month! Take pictures of the before and after. You'll be glad you did.


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                    Oh hun you will appreciate it in the end I would dread the start but the end result would be so'll be so glad you went with the experience x
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                      Do what ya gotta the long run, you'll be sooo happy!!!
                      Just remember if you need someone to vent to we all are here for ya!!!

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                        Man! I do not know where to start and I hate whining. Today was the worst horribibible day EVER!

                        All things considered- worst... the maintenance man forgot to warn my he was shutting off the power and it blew my DSL modem. Good thing I have another one, I have recieved the starter pack twice with this phone/internet provider. It took me an hour on the phone with tech support and I wondered out load if that could happen and behold I switched the modem out and voila! it started right up.

                        ok worst number two. He never said anything about the remodel improvements so I will have to go speak again with the manager tomorrow. I am worried all my week's hard work and burning the midnight oil will be for much less than expected.

                        You know, I visited a friend's apt the other day and it was so tidy, I envy people like that and hope that I will be able to do that when this is over and maintain a clutter free home.

                        ok worst number three- A job service called at 8 am this morning wanting me to work at 10 am in a town 20 min. away and the assessment crew had not been through and I was tweeking through on 2 hrs of sleep for the third night in a row. and could not even think clearly. My son had his braces super tightened and I had to run him a soft lunch, pain killers, and a soft dinner before the bus left after school because he had an away game out of town. So I had to say no and since I refused work I may lose my benefit. That is one phone call that I wish I had not answered!!! I do not, do NOT want to go back to living on $300US a month

                        But the inportant thing is I am really looking forward to tomorrow, there is no way to go but up. I hope the manager was not just giving me lip service. I was up and down emotionally all day mad, despairing, worried, exhausted. phew. Thanks for letting me vent!

                        oh yeah , the good point. The cable company came around and I got a super sweet deal on 5MG internet and I am poking around here now at 1.5 uck. and for $30 less a month and the movie channels are included in that for a year. so glad I will be saving money somewhere. Now I can focus on job search tomorrow

                        Super super thank you to all of you keeping me company in this thread. I do not know what I would do with out my cyber friends

                        aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations


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                          What a day, you poor thing! I would not worry about the job service worksearch thingy, they should give you adequate notice. They can't expect you to be there instantly. Other then that, hang in there kid. It will be worth it in the end!


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                            Crystal things ARE going to get better. Just hang in there--I agree with Marion, they can't expect you to be there with less than an hour's notice. You shouldn't lose your benefits because of that. What happens if you were sick??? Besides you have a very good reason for turning it down. Your apartment makeover should be wonderful and when you get to move your things back into your apt. you will be soooo happy. You are in my thoughts and I will pray that things improve quickly for you. Take care, and come and vent whenever you need to.

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                              Well I had quite a week all in all.

                              They came in on Tuesday to make the repairs only. The repairman turned off my electricity without warning and it blew out my dsl modem. I had two starter kits from that company so I had a spare modem. Phew.

                              They installed the vertical blind on my patio and it looks great. The repairman came back several times that week. In and out. He never said anything about the update so I went on friday to speak with the manager again and she asked if my place was organized enough to paint and I said that i now have a packed garage :S So I have to work on it some more.

                              What a head ache. He can't fix anything right now my front door screen catches funny and locks me out on the screen door giving me no access to the lock. So I removed the lock on the screen. oh sigh

                              Good point- Cable sales people came around and I now have TV and 5mg broadband. Boy does it download fast!!!

                              The temp agancy that I have been working with is sending me out on a light clerical job of inventory on Tues.

                              aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations