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    Has anyone been watching America's got Talent? I've been watching it from day one and since last night show I've been sitting here listening to the theme song to Knight Rider. I loved the show and now I'm feeling old
    Kim~SAHM to my 5 wonder kids.

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    No matter what anyone thinks, David Hasselhoff sure has staying power. My parents are big fans of the talent show -and I loved Knight Rider. I especially loved how Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World was the voice of K.I.T.T...."What are you doing, Michael..."

    Speaking of summer shows, I've been all excited that it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. But is it my imagination, or are there not as many shark shows as usual? I keep finding that stuff like American Chopper is on Discovery during prime time. Unless a clever Great White unexepectedly breaks into the mechanic's shop, I don't think that show is very shark-y.



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      Argh now I have the knight rider theme in my head too.

      Quick...think of another old theme song to knock it out...hmmm...MacGuyver...Dukes...A-Team...Airwolf...Little House on the Prairie...Lorne Greene's New Wilderness...Seeing Things...The Greatest American Hero...

      Oh no I'm in an 80s TV show theme song mind loop...!
      Lorne ( )
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        ROFL I've been there all day.
        Kim~SAHM to my 5 wonder kids.


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          "Seeing Things", Lorne? There's a blast from the CBC past. How about Beachcombers...Fraggle Rock...Mr.Dressup

          One tune that can get really annoying is the song from Murder, She Wrote -my favorite series of all time. I have the first few seasons on DVD. A great way to irritate other occupants of your home is to leave the menu screen on while the theme song plays and plays on a continuous loop..


          ...and plays and plays and plays...


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            Yeah, it's weird 'cause Seeing Things wasn't even least I remember it being super corny...but that theme song sticks in your head.

            Oh yeah, Mr. Dressup!

            I remember watching Beachcombers (Relic was cool) but I can't remember how the theme song went.

            Here are some more:

            Danger Bay
            The Friendly Giant (!!!!!)
            Rocket Robin Hood
            Tales of the Wizard of Oz

            "They're three sad souls
            Oh me, oh my,
            No brains, no heart,
            He's much too shy.
            But never mind you three,
            Here's the Wizard as you can see.
            He'll fix that one, two, three
            In that funny place called the world of Oz.
            Oh the world of Oz is a funny, funny place
            Where everyone has a funny, funny face.
            All the streets are paved with gold,
            And no one ever grows old.
            In that funny land lives the Wizard of Oz."

            Edit: found the full lyrics
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            Lorne ( )
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              Ooooh! I loved Rocket Robin Hood - and what about Hercules (the cartoon)? Daedelus was such a jerk.