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  • Where's Onie

    She has dissapeared again. Is her brother ok? How's her job? How's John?


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    yeah she last posted Sept.22.Hope she is all right.Poor Onie she has been dealt and awful lot.Hope she is okay.
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      <hands to mouth> O-O-O-N-I-E-E-E!

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        Hi Everyone,

        I've been extremely busy and over whelmed. My brother was transferred to "City Of Hope" and seems to be improving! It's still a long road but it sure has been a rough road. Sent my parents back over to California about 10 days ago, when Frank was transferred. They are still doing procedures on him with replacing tubes in his stomach. He has about 5 tubes total. He is receiving feeding by tube in his stomach but that keeps changing.

        My son Josh is half way through his Basic Training at Lackland AFB. He still has not had any telephone priviliages but I finally got a letter 2 days ago. He is reporting doing good and seems to be enjoying it, even though it's hard. John and I are flying to San Antonio on Oct 22-Oct 26 for the Graduation events.

        John is finishing up his cardiac rehab this week! YIPPEE!

        Now about the new job.................YUCK! I was not told the truth. Right now I am still there but I am in the process of interviewing for my old job. I have already been interviewed, received raving recommendations from the California office and will be meeting again on Wednesday, for a lunch interview to finalize details. I just can not quit the current job, until I have it replaced financially.

        The house in El Paso is STILL sitting on the market! I thought it was sold a month ago but the people backed out.

        It really has been a hard road for a year now. I do believe it's time for things to settle down. Just seems if it's not one thing, it's been 3 other things.

        I do love you all and have missed you all terribly.
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          Still sending out prayers for you and your family Onie. I sure hope things start settling down for you.


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            Well we are hurtling towards 2009 Onie, I am sure it's earmarked as a good one for you
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              will keep you in my thoughts's for a brighter future

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