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Name exchange names SENT OUT!

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  • Name exchange names SENT OUT!

    Just wanted to let eveyone know that names were sent out...I am hoping I didn't forget anyone, if I did, please let me know and I will send it to you...Watch out for Smile, she is on the hunt for who has her is worse then last year...
    Hope everyone is ok with their name...My youngest picked them out of his smelly blame him...Can't wait to see what everyone gets. Now go shopping!!!!
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    I got my name and I am not tell-en! nananana! Maybe we should all tell Smile we have her, hehehehe....That would throw her off!


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      I got mine too.......................... my oh my is it ...
      My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania


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        YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE I got mine, I got mine!

        Thanks Michelle,
        Can't wait to see who has got who and who gets what-
        OMG, Way tooo early in the morning for me- hahaha

        Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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          Got mine,oh I do love secrets lol.....
          My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa


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            Goody, I got my name & the winner is ......
            Can't wait to find out who has who.
            hugs Karyn.


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              I got mine as well!Jippie!And all I can tell is that I have big plans for this lady....
              Trudie xox
              My buddies are: Eye,Marion,Carena,Moonbeam,Moonlightpearl,pkdoll and scrappyaggie48


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                Yeah!!! I've got mine too!! This is going to be so fun, I'VE GOT SMILE!!
                Oh, I wasn't supposed to tell was I!!?!! LOL,
                Happy Scrappin'! Susie

                My Buddies are
                *eng*, EclecticDiva, fourfoxes, LindaPete, O2BNGdHope,
                Pink Lollipop, Tiffanys Scraps, Autistic Wonder,
                OnieRN, Moonlightpearl, LindaPete


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                  I got mine too. The fun has now begun!!!!!

                  My Buddies are Marion, Kimbob, Jazziel (RIP), Wolvsie35, Crops2dawn, Makeyesup, Kazr, Moonfairy, Moonlightpearl, and scrappyaggie48


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                    I got mine!! and I'll never tell.


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                      I have mine too. Smile ? do I have you? hee hee.

                      maybe, maybe not!!


                      aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations


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                        Santa has smile on his list....he checked it twice and it's the naughty list

                        i know who i got

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                        "If you look around and think the world is missing something, it is probably the gift you were supposed to be bringing."


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                          LOL to everyone...So far no emails that I forgot someone...<wink>
                          Smile, I think....Kimbob has you, um.....wait,, I think I stuck you with Steve, but then he wrote me back and said he didn't want your then I gave you finally to Crops...Yea, um...that's the story...and I'm stickin' to it for now... *until next*
                          Kimbob, you definetly need some coffee...and for the third time now, I can't tell you who has your
                          Tw, Keep messing with Smile...She loves it...hehe
                          To everyone else who is sending me emails for answers...*won't mention any names; Fiona, Crops, Scrappy, Smile, Wendy and Sue (just to name a few) amount of money, cookies, presents or alcohol can make me tell who has who...Nice try though, and I do love the emails...LOL
                          I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                            Got my name today. I'm excited!

                            My buddies are Granny, Wolvsie35, angelwithin, twpclerk, moonlightpearl, Vanessa, Wickel, Smile, Eye and Pink Lollipop


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                              I got mine! Now, if only I can keep this a secret long enough to send it out. I have a terrible time with this. Just ask my sister. She's ALWAYS the one to trick me into telling who I've got. Smile.... Stay away from me until I mail this! What was the ending date? Who's got the rules?

                              In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!