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Prayers for Rosana

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  • Prayers for Rosana

    I got a email from our friend Rosana. She is going through some severe depression and is on medication but it is not doing very much good yet. She wants everyone to know that is why she has not been posting lately. she wants us to know she loves us.

    Please pray for her! She needs us!

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    Awwwwwww Sweet Rosie....I didn't know...I do hope and pray that you over come this...Come back soon...Loves and hugs...

    Marion, sent u an email..before I read this thread..<wink>
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      ohhh Sweet Rosana depression is bad news..I am going to be saying prayers that you will soon be better..please know I love you and think about you often..
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        Thank you for letting us know, Marion.

        Rosanna... Hang in there baby! We love ya!

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          Hey Rosana! Love and hugs coming your way, but most importantly I am sending up a few prayers!

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            Ohhhh mannnnn! You need a vacation!!! I recommend going to Smiles house! She can cheer anyone up! LOL
            But seriously, I will be saying tons of prayers for you dear Ro, know that we all love ya lots!!!!
            Sending ya millions of kissesssss!!!

            Marion....THANKS for letting us know! xoxoo

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              Sending lots of hugs and kisses
              Kind wishes from Carena
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                Thinking of you Ro


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                  So sorry to hear this Ro. I hope things will get better for you!


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                    My dear sweet and kind friend I wish you well and pray for you. If we can help at all, please lean on us. Life gets so hard at times and time, family, and friends are our only help. God bless you and I send you a big hug with lots of love.......
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                      Oh Rosana prayers will be stuck to you like fly paper.Take care and I love yah xo.
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                        Aw, poor Ro. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. xxoo

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                          Dear Rosanna
                          Sending hugs & kisses to you & hoping you can beat your depression,all our love to you
                          hugs Karyn.


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                            Dear Rosana

                            Lots of Prayers & big hugs coming your way - Get Well Soon

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