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DS, Autism, Death and the flu!

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  • DS, Autism, Death and the flu!

    My mom died in January, her best friend along with her boys were such a huge help! I was talking to Shirley's youngest son, Bill, about his daughter Heather who has been fighting Brain cancer for a few years. He was telling me that They grew stem cells (of her own) to try this new and very risky last ditch effort to try to save her life and all of the things she would have to go through to prepare for this procedure. I went and watched her bowl that night. A beautiful 17 year old with long white blonde hair always a smile on her face. I received a phone call Thursday, Heather had passed away ( I need to tell you that Bill had an older brother named Bob, we all called him Bubba that passed away of Brain cancer about 18 months ago). Sooooo, I get out all of our funeral clothes and That night Emily starts throwing up and had diareaha so bad I was changing her diapers about every 15-20 minutes! Ok, so maybe she will be better by the time we have to go to the funeral, NOT! Friday comes and Emily isn't throwing up so much but the diapers were still getting changed quite frequently and Now Journey starts throwing up! Then I get a phone call from Mikki's middle School, she's throwing up can I please come pick her up, Nope, let me call her Granddad, "No, I can't pick her up, I'm waiting for a phone call from Aunt Lynn, My brother only has a few hours to live" Oh JUST GREAT! When will it stop?!? So I call my BFF and she picks Mikki up from School, Now I have 3 sick kids at home. I go to the bus stop to pick up Ian and his bus driver opens the door and the whole front of her bus is wet, along with the back of her head (Ian sits directly behind her) He got sick on the way home and threw up all over the back of her head and the dashboard! By this point I really wanted to laugh at the idea but I just couldn't. I get him home, in his jammies and on my bed with the other 2 (Emmy is in her crib) I'm running my butt off now with buckets and washing and rewashing bedding and washing again. Hubby calls, I give him a list of everything I will need from the store. OK, I can handle this till Mark gets problem. My stomach is starting to get a little upset, no biggie, I havene't had time to eat anything today, I'll eat after Mark makes a quick and easy dinner of Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese. Mark gets home, puts the groceries on the table, goes in to check on Emily, comes running out and into the bathroom! OMG! NOT YOU TOO!?!?! Yeah, so now I have to figure out how to squeeze 1 adult and 3 kids into my bed! Just try to picture 5 people running for the bathroom at the same time! THEN IT HAPPENS! Oh yeah, Mamma gets it too!...So now there we ALL are this time Emily too cuz I got so weak so fast I couldn't keep running back and forth to her room in my bed ALL sick and ALL running for the bathroom at the same time. Needless to say we had to miss Heathers Funeral and I don't know how, but Uncle Bud is still hanging in there (They had stopped his dialysis on Thursday and called in Hospice) and most of are all still sick but atleast Emily is getting better, not throwing up anymore, Journey isn't either and neither am I but the rest are still at it! HELP!!!! LOL...Morale of the story...Just when you think it can't get any DOES! LOL...Hope you all have a better week than I

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    Oh my goodness! Wiz I sure hope things start looking up for all of you real soon, like immediately! Bless your heart and your whole family. We were all sick here at one time (coming out of both ends so to speak) but there are only 3 of us, I can't imagine that many people in the same predicament!
    I am also so sorry to hear about the beautiful young girl that passed away. And so sorry to hear Uncle Bud is so sick. Please do your best to get some rest and know we are all thinking of you! If I could send you some clean sheets and more towels I would, but I hope a bug hug will do!
    Bless your hearts!

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      Holy cow Liz, what a week for you. I hope things improve at your house real soon! Hang in there!


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        hope things get easier soon xxxx

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          Girl, I'm going to BOOKMARK this thread and if EVER I get to feeling stressed about something..I'll read it over again! I'm sure to stop thinking how stressed I am when someone can have this kind of week!! EEE gads!!

          BLESS you and you are in my thoughts and prayers!!

          HUGS SWEETIE!!


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            I admire your strength and that is one of your qualities I like about you.You always seem to have so much turmoil and you chug through.You are a truly amazing person.I do not know if I could handle all this like you.I just hope it eases up for you.I am so sorry for all that has happened and am praying for you.Take care my friend.
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              So sorry to here that things are so rough. You seem to have every thing under control. Many blessing to you and family


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                Wow, I sure don't envy you. Sorry for your losses and I sure hope everyone starts feeling better.


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                  OMG Wiz!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you've had a rough time of it. 2 years ago, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My entire family had gotten together and we all got sick at the same time. It was terrible, The only good thing that came of it, was that we were all adults, able to take care of our selfs. We had 10 in the house at the same time and only 2 baths.

                  Goodness, you take care of your self!
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                    Whow Wiz ,you sure get it all at once. I just don't know where you get your strength......I guess from god ...........I sure hope things go better for you soon. Take care and I send you all a big hug......xoxoxo


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                      Hope things improve for you real soon - thinking of you
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                        Oh my dear Wiz. wish I lived closer to help ya...I am so sorry over your losses...and will be praying for all of you..I was asking about you to some here and wondering where you were...Well, now we all know...Get some rest sweetie...we are here if you need us...((HUGS))
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                          So sorry that things arent going so well for you and the family..hope everyone is better now and so sorry for your loses..will keep you in my prayers...I think you are wonderwoman...
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                            Geezeeee Wiz, and here I thought I was having a rotten few weeks! You WIN!!! Sorry to hear everything you have been going through, I sure hope that light at the end of the tunnel comes soon for all of you!

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