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Going Back to Work!!!

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    Originally posted by OnieRN View Post
    now i like this suggestion!!!!!!!
    Where can I sign up? <wink>

    This is great news for ya Kim....Congrats!!! and good luck...
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      Thanks Wolvsie!!! Hope Your Feeling Better Too!!!!


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        Hope you continue to enjoy yourself, have fun
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          Kimmy, what wonderful news. I'm delighted you got the job, and you like it to boot! A rare treasure indeed! I will do my best to keep the wild indians under control, but don't stay away too long, I need all the help I can get.

          Here is an idea... Get every one at work introuduced and adicted to SBM. That way, you can all gather around your computers at work, and scrap your little hearts out. Who's going to complain if you're all doing it!!!

          Look out for Dr. Marion Quack... She keeps buying new toys at our expense!!


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            Thanks Granny......I have been Talking to them about SBM and They All Have kids, so I am sure I can REEL them in Like a BIG FISH.....LOL

            Only Problem is ExxonMobil lets you on the internet, but you can only look at Weather or XOM sites....I will have to take my Lap top one day, let them see and Play.....

            Granny, there is More of Us then Dr. Marion!!! We get the Big Boat....