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Is Carena ok?

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  • Is Carena ok?

    Where is Carena? She has been aweful quiet recently! Anyone know anything? Hope it isn't her shoulder keeping her away.
    And Mommabird!! I really miss her too! I think someone else asked about her the other day but I can't remember if we heard anything back.

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    Oh - Couldn't believe my eyes when I read this. I can't tell you how much this means to me. Nice to be missed.

    Yes I'm about - been really busy lately. Also Caitlyn is on holiday for the next 2 weeks That means less scrapbooking for me.

    My shoulder is lots better and the calification has disolved alot. Doctor is happy enough and said perhaps it will continue to get better. It now sometimes clicks - loud enough that you can hear it when it locks up and then clicks as it passes the calcification. (I guess this is how you explain it). Sometimes a little uncomfortable while in bed and sleeping -but otherwise OK. Not perfect but OK.

    I was also silly enough to enter the "so you think you can scrap competition" LOL - it's based over 6 weeks - 6 layouts. Although I haven't made it into any of the top 10 (as per the judging) I'm happy that my layouts are in the top 10 viewed out of about 180 contestants. Top viewed isn't necesarily what the judges are looking for obviously. LOL Sorry can't show you - it's annonomous competition so you will have to wait till the end. 3 layouts done and 3 more weeks to go. It's been fun so far. I guess once finished I can upload the layouts and share here with everyone then.

    Well - it's nearly 1am here so I'd better get to bed.
    Be assured I've still been popping in quickly and seeing what new in the gallery.

    Happy Easter Everyone.
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