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    Good grief take care of him! Get him to join SBM he'd fit in well lol!

    Seriously it had a happy ending but close shave, do take care both of you!
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      Scary stuff

      Oh I do feel sorry for all of you sparkees! It is funny now, but what close shaves. I must watch those fences if I come to US, they sound fierce. Do the cows ever get shocked? I wonder.

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        After we found out your husband was ok, it gave us a good laugh. I think I have the clone to your husband living in this house!


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          Just spotted this thread! Glad Laurie is ok, but it does bring back memories. I have been shocked on those fences too, but what I remember most was being at my friends house riding horses. My horse did not want to be ridden and headed back to the area where the horses were kept. It had an electric fense around it and of course the horse hit the fense. He rared up on me and took off. My friends brother put the sadle on, and apparently didn't put it on tight. It slid did I. I fell off with one foot caught in the stirrup and was dragged a ways. I was lucky he didn't drag me over something that I could have hit my head on! (I had a HS Teacher die that way). I was able to reach up enough to grab on and pull my self up off the ground a little until the horse stopped. Everyone was running out to make sure I was ok. I did get back on the horse after that, believe it or not!


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            Wow Sue you were so lucky.Laurie still has problems with neck.He was so lucky he did not fuse his spine.
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