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My Poor Mum !!!

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  • My Poor Mum !!!

    Thought I would let you know my Mum had a most terrible fall, spent a day at hospital & is now home but she is a mess, she slammed her face so hard she has 2 black eyes, a broken nose, a hole in her forehead so bad even the doctor got squeamish as she stitched her up, her glasses shattered,she hit so hard,also her teeth went through her bottom lip & she had a huge gash along the inside of her lip,they only put in 1 stitch to help it heal as it was too much pain to keep going but she was so brave.. She jarred her elbow & hands,resulting in bruises as she landed... her hip has been playing up & we think that was what gave way as she crossed the road, everyone was so lovely & helpful , an armoured truck blocked the road while she was attended to & another driver from the other way blocked the other traffic...
    she bled so badly from the mouth,forehead & nose they thought she had hit an artery (thankfully not) Anyway she is now home in bed , going to be a real mess as the swelling continues, her eye will be closed for at least a couple of days(the one where the stitches are above it) & of course all the aches & pains will raise there ugly headover the next few days..Today we got news from the hospital that the cat scan has shown,not only a broken nose, but a broken elbow & possibly a broken wrist, she is having more x-rays now & will get results tomorrow, will keep you posted.
    I apologise for not being here but will get back to normal once Mum settles down. hugs to all

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    So sorry to here about your Mom, that is such a nasty fall. Praying for a speedy recovery. My thoughts go out to you ans yours

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      So sorry to hear about your Mum, I do hope she will soon be well again, it must have been a terrible shock for her.

      Love and light - Freespirit xx
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        Ohhhhh your poor mum.I hope she heals fast.Prayers are sent to her.Take great care of her xo.Ouch she must hurt.Bless her.
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          Oh my, she really did a number on herself. Prayers are with her that she will heal quickly, rapidly and fully.

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            That happened to my mom a few years ago, she was full of stitches and bruises. So sorry this happened to your mom, I hope she recovers soon!


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              I will pray that your mom heals and recovers from this soon...I am so sorry for her and you...((HUGS))
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                Prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery. xoxo
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                  Kazr, my sweet friend. Sorry to hear about mom. I hope you're close by her, that will be such a great confort. I so hope that she will recover quickly.

                  Hugs for you both!


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                    Good news, Mum's wrist is not broken just severely jarred.
                    DR isn't sure what to do about her broken elbow so she
                    will have more x-rays next Monday, & has to take it easy
                    until then.Mum needs new glasses & the Optometrist explained to her that had she had glass lenses instead of plastic they would have shattered into her eye so we are
                    very grateful she was wearing plastic lenses,even though they cracked they certainly saved her eyesight.
                    Mum asked me to thank you all for your concern & well wishes,
                    she truly appreciates it.I also thank you for your friendship & well wishes.
                    hugs Karyn.


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                      hey Kazr, so sorry to hear about this, please know that you and your mum are in my thoughts and prayers

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                        Poor Mum, she must be in such pain, thank goodness she didn't break her hip, although terrible she will make a full recovery from the injuries she has. Thinking of you both x
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                          Update on mum!

                          Mum & I just wanted to say thank you for your kind wishes & to let you know she has made a remarkable recovery, her wrist still hurts at times & she has numbness on her forhead above her eye where the stitches are but overall is back to her *old* self.
                          thanks again,
                          hugs Karyn.


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                            Super dooper news!!!!!!! tell her I send my love..((HUGS))
                            P.S. Nice to hear from you again!
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                              Woman...whew...what a fall!!! but her bones sure must be in good shape to withstand all that!!!ah....BLESS her!!!

                              Those stitches will make great story tellers in the future!!!

                              HUGS to the BOTH of you!!!! Prayers and BEST WISHES with you!!!