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Donna bugged me to tell you!

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  • Donna bugged me to tell you!

    LMBO!!!!! Yes, I was on a looooooong, but awesome phone conversation with Donna cause she was worried about little ol me...So sweet of you hun!!!! and let me tell all of you, she has a huge heart filled with gold...<wink> Thanks for keeping tabs on me...Sure means a lot...
    I have also received numerous emails, cards, and other phone calls as well...
    I am ok...when I went to see the surgeon...Ummm...welll...Not much new news to tell...

    The surgery didn’t go the greatest…Once they injected the dye…the found that the Illiac Artery (the one they were going to put a stint in or do Angeo on) was actually ok…Then when they took the AngioGram of the legs (more pictures of the arteries), they found that in both legs, from the groin aertery to the knee were severely clogged….The Radiologist decided to leave it up to the Vascular Surgeon to decide what to do about it…I healed ok from the surgery…and am doing well…I went back to the hospital to see the Surgeon last Thursday, and basically he gave me two options…to have the bypasses done but that could cause me to lose my legs sooner once the bypasses collapsed…Or to hold off, deal with the pain, walk more to build new blood vessels and wait out the surgery until I absolutely need it….which would prolong the amputations…so of course I decided on the latter…I have dealt with it this long, right? Plus, I am getting my dad to walk with me everyday, he needs it too since he has the same issues as I do, just not as bad…Works for both of us…I won’t be able to walk long distances, but even 10 minutes would help…and I am taking my big dog with me too…he could use it...
    SO basically me new motto is: Just keep
    Thanks again everyone...I love you all...((HUGS))
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    Michelle... I think you've made the correct choice and each time I'm out walking I'll be thinking & praying for you.
    Hope you feel as positive as you sound.
    Love ya


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      pfft 4.5 hours ....thats a short convo lol

      we'll have to send you a pedometer so yoyu can see how far you've walked each day

      good luck sweetie lubs ya xx

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        Proud of you! I have to walk to loose weight..Like Mary..will be thinking of you when I walk and I won't have any complaints about my blisters any more!! LOL...Up to 3 miles a day!! YEAH!!

        Thanks so much for letting us know how things went!! Do you have an MP3 player and good songs to listen to? LOL.hum..Christmas is coming!! LOL..

        HUGS girl!!


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          I like to listen to audiobooks on my MP3 player but dont' get the spooky ones! Makes you keep looking around and behind all the trees as you're walking. LOL! I think you made the right choice, too! Hope the walking helps.

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            Ok Fiona, it was a looooong conversation, but Donna you are such an inspiring person....Thanks...You ROCK!!!!

            I walked 4 blocks today...and never stopped hurt pretty bad, but hey, no pain no gain, right? I am going to try it again tonight when the honey comes home...To most people 4 block is for me, well, I was lucky to make it a block and I was in it's working...Someday, I might be able to walk with ya Donna...<wink> I am really excited over this...Woo-Hoo...I also lost 4 pounds in the last 7 days...So double Woo-Hoo!!!!! Thanks for all the encouragement...Love all of ya...((HUGS))
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              Ooh, I agree with everyone that you made the right choice. I would hold off too. Keep on walking and doing what ever you can to get that blood flowing! Wish I was there to walk with you, I need to walk too!


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                Ditto them all!!! Hang in there, Wolvsie. The walking brigade is right behing you, cheering you on!!! Talk about being an inspiration. I have a heel spur that won't let me walk like I used to, but I can certainly ride my bike. I will be doing it in your honor!!!


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                  Very inspiring...well done and keep it up. Thinking of you
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                    I was in tears today, but guess what, I walked 4 blocks today!!!!! I am so happy about this...Sure the pain is there, but I think it always will be...So the further I can walk, with the pain, must be an improvement, right?
                    Bad news is, the Neuropathy is affecting my left hand and fingers now...Sometimes it is hard to type oor pick up something...This is something I will adjust too...Keep the prayers coming...Thanks bunches and love all the support I get from all of you...many ((HUGS))
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                      I am walking 5 to 10 km's everyday for health reasons also, and now when I sit and think no I'll skip it today I think of you and it inspires me....thanks Michelle for being my are saving my life!!

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                        Awwwwwww....your so sweet for saying that... I am trying so hard, but this isn't easy...and sometimes, when I feel like giving up, I think of you guys...and it helps...

                        So a BIG thanks goes out to all of you as well...((HUGGERZ))
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                          I do hope that each day will get better for you.Keep up the walking.I wish you only the best.
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                            Thanks everyone!

                            Maybe I will use this thread as my own "personal" can't believe the emails I have received because of this post...People we never hear about in here are even emailing me... (thanks!), I never meant for this to turn into an inspiration type thing...But if I am helping others out there, then by all means...I will leave well enough alone..<wink>

                            I want you all to know that this thread was never posted to get sympathy...I am not sorry for what has happened in my life...I know it all happened for a reason and that is why I do deal with it the best I can...sure it has been a long and hard road to be on at, I am blessed for what I do have...and that is what I am hoping to get across to everyone...We all have different illness's, situations, etc...and I am aware that there are MANY others out there suffering worse then me...I think we all feel this way...There are a few days, where I want to scream at the world too...LOL...I think this is only normal...there has been times that I have wished all my problems on the men and women in prison that have murdered, malested or have done other bad things to people...and then I think that is wrong too, and apologize for thinking is a strange world out there and I will never understand why the things happen the way they do...So, I live everyday the best that I can to get through the next one with the help of family and friends like you...

                            We are all blessed in some shape or form...and we should be thankful for that.
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                              My Sleep Study

                              HAHAHAHA...what a fun night I had last I sat there and felt like I was in a beauty salon...The way they have to put all these patches on your head, face, chin, chest and up to like 20 wires, BUT yet, you are suppose to then tried to sleep, wasn't easy knowing I had someone watching me the whole night..<wink> Was praying that I didn't do something embarrassing in my sleep...Then I was freezing! I usually sleep wrapped like a coccoon in my comforter, well there I had a sheet and a paper thin blanket...On top of that we had frost warnings out last night...LMBO! Anyways, she comes in around 3am to put this mask on me, and tell me to sleep on my back...I hate sleeping that way...So on top of shivering I had to sleep on my back....I didn't fall back to sleep until 4am and was suppose to wake at 6...She didn't get me up until 7:30 because I was finally in the "deep" sleep that they needed to test me on...What a night...I couldn't wait to come home and have some coffee...Now I need a
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