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Watch the Today show 10/10/09

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  • Watch the Today show 10/10/09

    On 10/5 our local newspaper (READING EAGLE) ran a picture that made me cry a little. It was so touching. Paige would not let go of daddy's hand when he was called into formation. I am so glad the officers looked the other way! Daddy is leaving soon for Iraq and Paige has a younger sibling and another brother or sister on the way.

    I just heard the Today show is interviewing the family on 10/10/09. If you can't hear the interview, enjoy the photo.

    Maybe this photo will zap the limelight for another local couple---Jon & Kate!!!
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    That's sadly beautiful! Poor little girl..made me tear up too gran!

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      This is so incredibly hard on families. Photos like this make you think don't it.
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        It affects children so much when someone close isn't there. I can imagine the deep feelings this poor little girl is suffering. I used to dread the summer when my grandparents went on holiday when I was a child! They lived with us and I couldn't bear it when they weren't there. I can remember waving them off in floods of tears. This is of course on a totally different scale and her feelings so hard to comfort.
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          Very touching photo....I pray for everyone's families that have a member gone...All children go through so much, not to mention the adults too...
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            Thankyou Grannywin for sharing this touching photo with us. No words needed ..............xoxo


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              Ditto... and amen... to everything.

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