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  • Ideas..Anyone??? Need suggestions..

    Did your kids wear glasses? If so...HOW ON EARTH did you keep them on their heads???? Emily is CONSTANTLY ripping hers off and tossing them! We have tried the little string things and even velcro straps! I have yet to get a photo of her in her specs because she keeps throwing them off! I am about ready to shave her head and use duct tape~

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    Hello Wiz: Here is a list of a few books you could try. They can be found on Amazon or maby you can get them at your liabary:
    1. Baby Duck And The Bad Eyeglasses
    2. Magenta Gets Glasses
    3. Luna and The Big Blur
    You could change the names in the book using Emily's off course. Another idea ,if you do not wear glasses yourself get some from the dollar store for you and your husband and any older kids willing to help. Just take out the lenses. And off course there is a reward game using a chart and stickers which I am sure you most likely have already tried. The longer she keeps them on, the bigger the sticker. It has been alot of years for me dealing with these things but I loved the challange. It has to be done with fun and not frustration.........easier said than done......... Sure wish I were closer ...........I'd love to help...........Good luck Mom......xoxoxoxo
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      "Luna and the Big Blur" is just a wonderful title for a book.
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        It was quite a struggle but after awhile our kids realized that they could see better. Our son must have broken a dozen pairs of glasses - we bought the ones that were guaranteed to be indestructible but he managed to break them!!


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          I had issues too...We did something close to what Smile mentioned about buying glasses from the dollar store...After a couple weeks, it worked...He realized that he couldn't see well without wish you luck...can't wait to see her in them...I bet she looks cute as a button..
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            Great Ideas! I am going to try them. Mark and I both wear glasses but the idea of the other kids wearing them too may help.
            Lois, thanks heaps on the book titles...I am going to pick them up, Emily just loves to be read to. Funny thing is, she KNOWS she can focus better with them on and doesn't have to turn her head completely sideways to see. She just refuses to keep anything on her head, hats, barrettes and ponytails included. Although she has gotten much better keeping her ponys in lately. She has a HUGE Sensory issue with her head. She is constantly hitting herself, or washing her hair in her food!~ Yep, she's quite a mess at eating time! Here is a pic...see what I mean??? LOL
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            My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
            Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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              Hope she will like them soon. The 1st yr. Spencer had glasses we went through so many pairs & it cost a fortune. When he would have a tantrum he would toss them or twist them until we found some that were unbreakable & worth the terrible price. It was a rough year till he decided he wanted to see. We even tried the straps & he hated them..
              Good luck & she is adorable... GotArt



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                Originally posted by mswizard View Post
                I am about ready to shave her head and use duct tape~
                LOL Oh my I love this idea - so funny. Sorry this isn't helping you but the images in my head are very funny.

                On a practical note - yes - the book idea is probably a very good one. You didn't mention how old she is?
                Also is there anyone around her age that wears glasses - maybe you could try a friendship in that direction.
                Hope you get it sorted soon. Maybe don't push it too hard though - you might have the opposite effect to what you want. Hugs and best of luck
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