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N1H1 flu uggg!

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  • N1H1 flu uggg!

    Anyone caught the nasty anywhere else?

    It's going trough our school systems here like wildfire.

    My son and I are both home with it. We are doing OK on the tail end of it as the fevers have gone. Still worried about pneumonia I guess. my son is on day 10 and still gets light headed walking anywhere. Doc says his lungs sound clear just have to keep pushing lots of water.

    They gave me Tamiflu since they screened him for influenza and he was positive. I was treated within a few hrs of getting sick. I thought I had an elephant sitting on my chest the second day OMGosh! But woke up on the third day with relatively no symptoms. It just makes me extremely drowsy. I have never slept so much in my life.

    We have been sick with this or that since Sept 5th. My poor son has missed more school that been in. sigh.

    My friend down the street has a police scanner and she says that they have had to send the ambulance two times in as many days to my son's school for teenagers who have it and collapse due to pneumonia.

    Take care everyone this is a very serious respiratory influenza virus. Wash hands often and stay away from anyone who thinks they are coming down with a cold if you can.

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    Thanks Crystal for the information because I was wondering what it was like. Did you have a needle for this flu and still got it ???? They say it will be in full swing by Christmas so lets hope that everyone stays safe. Maybe they should close the schools if it gets worse. I am glad you started this thread so we can at least be more informed ......xoxo...... Oh and I am glad to hear that you and your son are much better......xoxo
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      I am so scared of a normal cold as when I get them they blow into pneumoniona.I do hope we do not catch it in this family.What ever happened to our basic flu.We never had to have a needle.They say the stuff in the needles has not been tested well enough,What are we injecting.Which side is safe.Do we find out down the road that it has bad side effects.I am iffy.
      Sure glad you and your son are okay.
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        I apologize...It's H1N1 I have the letters transposed.

        Yes, we caught this naturally, no needle.

        What we had:
        Fever over 101.2
        runny -stuffy nose
        muscle aches
        stiff neck
        severe headache
        sore throat
        dry cough

        (sometimes vomiting and diarrhea)

        They did a $235 swab exam to confirm that Mike had influenza A "Respiratory flu" He was positive so he does not need the vaccine and since we had a confirmed case of influenza in the household I was eligible for Tamiflu because I have asthma and there was a confirmed case in the household. They did not have a separate test anymore for the H1N1 as that is what is going around. They only had the one test.

        Tamiflu is $100 but insurance covered it except I had a small co-pay.

        Tamiflu keeps the virus from multiplying so you get a smaller recoup time and a weaker case of the virus. I swear 24 hrs into it an elephant was sitting on my chest. But I woke up the next morning after a 12 hr sleep and felt mostly symptom free.

        They don't give Tamiflu to healthy people mainly because of small supplies unfortunately, and it has to be given within the first 48 hrs of onset of symptoms. You also have to have a confirmed case so the test takes 10-12 hrs so you really have to be seen right away with the first symptoms.

        I can't even imagine being able to get to the doctor after when I did. I felt so cruddy that 2nd day.
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          I am getting my regular yearly flu shot tomorrow. I hope it also helps a bit with the swine flu.
          Glad you are feeling better Crystal.


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            They say that if you have the flu symptoms it is the swine flu because the regular flu season doesn't start until Jan----they are actually closing schools because almost half the student body is out sick. My dear hubby had it for about 5 days and is doing good now. So far I have not gotten it (knock on wood) and I am truly hoping I never do. They are not testing people for it because the test is too expensive to run on everyone, and the flu serums are short in demand and they don't have enough for everyone---the main thing if you have it is to push plenty of liquids and lots of rest, and stay indoors. Take care everyone.

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              This virus is hitting everywhere....All the schol districts here in Sheboygan, Wi are giving the vaccine to all the students in school on Nov. 3rd...As long as the parents sign a consent form...Who wouldn't!? I certainly did....I am not sure if that is what everyone here in my house had two weeks ago...since I heard that you have it so long....But to be on the safe side, my kids are getting the vaccine and it is free through the local health department here...
              Since I have so many medical issues, I am the LAST person who needs to catch this crap...So on Nov.4th..I go in and get the swine vaccine, my flu and pnemonia shot...Oh goodie... Every year I get the two shots for flu and Pnemonia, and I still get

              Everyone stay safe...I am ready to bbuild myself a germ free bubble...Anyone want to join me? Don't worry, it will be fully equiped to use
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                Well some people are getting a milder, shorter form of it too, yes, that is true. I think the schools are reporting 4% out on illness total around here and are not talking about closing yet.

                I do know that these germs hate moisture so humidify your homes.

                My seasonal flu clinic is on Nov 4th at work and as far as I hear they are really short on vaccine for both the seasonal and the H1N1 around here.

                I just called work and so far no one else has come down with it. I held out for seven days my son was sick on Monday and I did not get sick until Friday. OK back to nap land mhahahahaha.

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                  Hope you get over it soon. I had heard it is going around here too. I go to the doctor in Nov. He will probably want to give me a shot. I think I had a flue shot last year.


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                    I am still iffy about what is in it.They made it far to fast.If it boost your immune system to fight the flu that is scary.Most of the medical system are refusing the shots here in our town.So we are up in air about the decision.I know you think me crazy.But what if later we find that their is something in it that may cause a damage and to think most of the population has had the neddle.Canada was shipping the stuff without it being passed,Now it is passed only because another country has used it.
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                      Originally posted by D.Abozy
                      have any respiratory meds you do or have taken ready - just in case.

                      Sorry - relax was the wrong word. Just try not to stress too much.

                      Um... have you had flu - genuine influenza previously?
                      no, I have never had a genuine influenza that I know of.

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                        I have never had a flu jab before but am this year and after reading this hope it's soon. I always get offered it because of working with vulnerable people but am put off by people telling me they get a heavy cold etc afterwards. Tamiflu is free here but am concerned it is being prescribed for people who probably don't need it.As they are trying to keep people away from surgeries they are diagnosing and prescribing for Swine flu over the phone. I can understand why but worrying too.My hubby got prescribed it for manflu!
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