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  • Leaving For A Few Days

    Yup, I am leaving town with my parents and Brandon...We are haeding up north to visit my brother and his family...Won't be back until Monday sometime...Depending on weather and traffic...I will be taking photo's...I am hoping they have won't have much internet access either...they have dial up, and even that isn't that good...<wink> I call it "HICKVILLE" where they live...I know, I'm bad...A blink of an eye and you are out of that town...I think they only have one grocery store...and a 4 block downtown....Their post office is the size of a shoebox...well, you get the is pretty there though...Deer walk right past their windows...So cool...Anywho...Behave and hope I don't miss you all too much...<wink>
    Love ya all...((HUGS))
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    Have a nice trip and drive safe! Get lots of pics!


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      Hey Michelle... have a GREAT trip & by the way, I've actually been to "Hicksville" in the USA.
      Must look out that photo & post it here for ya!!! LOL


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        Hey, Michelle-Enjoy you visit with your brother--Hicksville sounds like my kind of place. Be safe and will talk with you next week. Liz


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          Enjoy yoursef xo
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            Have fun!


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              Who's she tellin' to behave, huh? LOL!

              Hey, we have a few of those "Hicksville" places here, too!

              Don't blink! Oh, too late.... LOL!

              Have GREAT and SAFE trip!

              I'll cause havoc in your challenge thread for ya whilst yer gone.

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                Enjoy my friend you deserve a nice break
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                  Sounds like the town I lived in for 18 years!!! Loved it.

                  Have a wonderful time and hurry back, we miss you already!



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                    I missed this thread and was getting a bit worried about your absence! So glad you're just having some family time - Hicksville sounds wonderful, hope you got snow!

                    Look forward to seeing you back on the boards.

                    Blessings - FS xx
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                      I'm back

                      You guys are the greatest!!!!!! I had a wonderful time and knowing I was missed made my day...I came home a little under the weather...My little nephew (onlu was sick the whole time we were there...Poor guy...I attached some photos from the trip below...Hard to see in one of them, but they did get snow once while we were there...Saturday night on the way back to my brothers house from the Lake of Torches Casino (and no we didn't, we counted 17 deer on the side of the road just looking at us!!!!! I was crappin' in my pants...I never saw so many! and I was so afraid that we were going to hit one!!! My brother is telling me to just calm don't care HOW USED to that he is...Accidents happen and no one can predict them running out in front of the car.... The one time I DON"T have my camera On Sunday, we had to go to their grocery store, and on the way there, in the middle of the road was this little baby bear....OMG, I wanted to jump out and pick him, I didn't have my camera along....This little cub comes right up to my brother's side, and starts jumping up to his window...I kept telling him to let the cub said, wherever there is a cub, the MAMA isn't too far away...So we just sat there and waited for it to cross to the other side...Loved the time up there...

                      Thanks again and I hope I didn't miss too much!!!!!!
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                        Welcome back and yes you were sure missed. Oh, you know how I love animals, I would have welcome the deer and the cub. I probably would have let the cub in. However, it does seem when you need a camera --it is always somewhere else. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of your family, and once again, welcome back. Liz


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                          Michelle I'm so happy that you came back! I was missing you so much.. and really wondering - when you'll come back.. Photos of your family are wonderful! Sorry for your camera This is kind of rule - thinkgs that are important - always are somewhere else I'm waiting for your challenge week3