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Bet you'll read this if i say you CANT lol

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    Good luck Sweetie! You will have a shop much like my friend does here! Wish I could come see it!!!! xxoo

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      Hello Angel: How is the shop coming. I am so excited for you. I certainly would drop in if I were closer. It is always scary trying something new but rewarding. I wish you all the luck in the world and if you get a chance send us some pictures of what it looks like...............have a wonderful and profitable time on this new beginning of yours.......xoxo
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        small hitch the shop we were buying in gunwarf has just fallen through naughty owner is under investigation for fraud!!!!

        good news .....We viewed 3 units yesterday in Waterlooville and veiwing another 5 in Havant on wednesday - all much closer to my home and where I originally wanted the shop to be

        Thanks everyone for your good luck wishes - now who would like to do my profit projection paperswork?????? lol

        MrsPeel - you are more than welcome to drop in and visit if you are down this way same goes for everyone

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          Sometimes when things don't happen they open a better opportunity, I'm sure you'll find something great
          Keep us updated, when you finally have an address, then we ll drop by
          Same for you, if you are in London, just let us know!

          Good luck!
          I wanted to go out and change the world, but couldn't find a babysitter..

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            Sorry for the wee bit of a set back Angel---but I keep praying that you get a much nicer spot and are up and running in no time!!! Good Luck on your new venture and I wish you all the success a woman like you can handle!!

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              How exciting. Good luck Angel. I used to go to Havant and Waterlooville when I was young. If I get there again I'll def pop in
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