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To all newbies!!!!

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  • To all newbies!!!!

    The town council at Scrapsville had a meeting, and in the interest of stimulating our sagging economy (don't smirk, Eye, we are all in this sagging business together!), we decided to let you newbies out of the dungeon if...

    You proceed inmediately to Scrapsville and go to the Chamber of Commerce office, and get a business license. You also need to go to the real state office and get a place to live. No bums allowed in this town. Once you get all that done, you need to pm me with the name of your business. I will also need a picture of you to put in your citizenship certificate. You can see a sample of it below.

    Otherwise, we are happy to keep in you in the dungeon indefinetely, until we have the next initiation ceremony. Believe me, it ain't pretty!


    Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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