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  • Need PRAYERS

    Hey everyone...I need all who believe in the power of prayer to pray for my best friend..she has been diagnosed with Lukemia..they are transferring her to UAB hospital as we speak..she only has one son, her husband died several years ago, her mother is in ill health and they have to do everything for her..Betty was an old child..also my daughter Angie just called and her Grandmother Rogers died about an hr ago and that family needs your prayers too..and last me, Im on my way to the dr. I'm sure hoping I don't end up in the hospital again..went to Angie's for Thanksgiving and ended up spending part my holiday in the Huntsville Hospital..They admitted me with some pneumonia in both lower lobes..
    I know I'm not around much but you are always in my thoughts..after Christmas I'm making some changes so will be here again like always..I love you all and I Know what happens when this bunch prays..Jazzy
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    Hugs and allot of prayers to all. Keep us posted.


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      You got it! LOADS of prayers going up for all of you! Let us know things when you can!!


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        You will always have me sending you prayers xoHope all goes well.Love yah Jazz.(Chills)
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          Prayers going up! Hang in there Jazz!


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            Awwwwwwww Jazzie....You all will be in my prayers...You have been through enough...I hope you feel better soon....I am so sorry to hear about the others...Our prayers here has done wonders in the past...<wink> So keep the faith doll...((HUGS))
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              hey Jazzy, i think about you often my prayers are heading your way for yourself and your friends and family

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                Count me in.... Pulling for all of you!

                Love ya, Jazz!!!

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                  Sweetie, you got it! We will all pray extra hard for you!!

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                    prayers are with you...keep faith, the internal strenght is one of the key factors when dealing with illness...(I have several conditions myself)
                    We ll be here praying, keep us updated, hope you can enjoy Xmas...
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                      Although we don't know one another, I believe we are all related. I send my love and prayers.

                      Blessings - FS xx
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                        Prayers for all of you from way across the ocean.

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                          My thoughts and prayers coming your way Jazz xoxo
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                            My prayers go out to you and your familyand friend.

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                              Jazz, you are always in my prayers and have added the others too. Sure hope you got good news from the Doctor.

                              My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps